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Apr 18, 2009 04:56 PM

Little Bee Thai in Asheville

Ciao Hounds! Well, I am excited to announce we finally have a good and authentic and affordable Thai joint! I use the word joint affectionately as I would use the term 'dive' affectionately. If you'd rather have mediocre food in a plush setting then you need not read further. However, if you are looking for great food and all the ambiance you need is an outdoor metal chair and table in the parking lot of a gas station then you are in luck! I will see you adventurous and non-pretentious hounds there! Ciao Hounds~
p.s. I had the spicy noodles and they were great! Very vegetarian friendly too.

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      3101 Sweeten Creek Rd at intersection with Mills Gap Rd. Tis located inside of an Exxon has station. Phone is 828-681-0710. Mon-Sat 1130-2000. You should go by and get one of their carry-out menus and in the future call in your order before you go because they are getting so popular that they are averaging about 45 minutes wait per order.

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        !. Peruse

        2. Call in order (try some of this & that--it's inexpensive!


        3. Pick up and eat in or take out... and

        4. Rinse & repeat

    2. We just went tonight for the first time and loved it! It's so bizarre being inside the gas station, but we like unusual places especially if they have great food. Prices are great and the food is great. My husband got pad thai. That is sort of his barometer at a new place. He said the thing that really stood out for him was that everything in it tasted really fresh. It wasn't swimming in sauce either. I had the panaag curry which actually had a kick (finally!) to it and I didn't request any special level of spiciness, that's just how it came. Not blow your head off, just good. Had mine with the fresh fish choice of salmon (costs a little more than the usual choices of chicken, pork, or tofu). We also tried the spring rolls and crab/cream cheese rolls. What amazed me is that the crab rolls actually had pieces of crab in them! Normally, it's some sort non-descript goo.

      He stressed that they do not use microwaves or MSG and nothing is frozen. produce is local and fresh and the seafood is local (NC) and fresh. I had green beans, asparagus, and broccoli with mine and it was all fresh.

      We actually ate in there (most business is take out) and it was quite entertaining to people watch while we waited (parade of convenience store after work crowd). :)

      For take out, they suggest calling ahead and letting them know when you'll pick it up. It seemed like those that called ahead, walked in and picked up their orders right away. You pay for everything at the convenience store counter, so they take all forms of payment, which is nice (debit/credit cards included).

      we'll be back for sure!

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        Little Bee is the best Thai in Asheville. All the curry is delicious , as well as the pad thai . We've tried 3 or 4 others but nothing is comparable . The only downside is it's not open on Sunday's or Mondays :(

      2. Agree best thai in asheville. for all you home dwellers in west, east and north come on over to the South side yo and have yourselfs a wonderful meal that you wont regret.

        1. Little Bee Thai has moved! It is now located on Biltmore Avenue next to the French Broad Food Coop, across the street from the Orange Peel. Hubby and I went to the old location a few weeks ago and there is still a Thai restaurant (yes in the gas station convenience store), but it was not very good. If you want the wonderful Little Bee food go to the new place! Took, the owner, is also selling her homemade sauces now btw. Very yummy stuff.

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            Great to hear they have not closed! How are the prices? I hope they do not succumb to the EXPENSIVE price trend that affects downtown eateries...

            1. re: SharaMcG

              Wow! Great to know this. I noticed the sign change at the gas station a few weeks ago and wondered what was up. Thanks!

              1. re: Windsor

                Great news! Are they serving a full menu or just selling the sauces?

                1. re: JKidd

                  Ooh! I didn't realize that they had opened a new shop! They have been showing up at the farmer's market in Waynesville selling the sauces, which has been a fabulous development for my home kitchen. ;)

              2. re: SharaMcG

                I must be blind. Have been up and down the stretch in front the Orange Peel a few times and can't find Little Bee. Directly across the street from the Orange Peel is a large old house, FBFC, Build it Naturally with public parking and the two story building housing City Bakery, Samsel Architecture, etc.

                1. re: Windsor

                  According to their website, they're at the French Broad Food Co-op on Wednesdays from 2-6:00

                2. re: SharaMcG

                  I just called thephone number listed for them (828) 681-0710) and the gentleman who answered said they were still in the Exxon station on Sweeten Creek Road.

                  Here's the website comment:
                  "For special requests, call a minimum of 3 days in advance for pick-up the following Wednesday.
                  Wednesdays 2:00-6:00 PM at the French Broad Food Co-op
                  76 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC
                  Located next to the French Broad Food Co-op; across the street from The Orange Peel."

                  Looks like thet're still in the South location, but I'll stop by this afternoon to confirm.


                  1. re: SharaMcG

                    They are set up at the tailgate market across from Laurey's and the Asheville Wine Market on Biltmore Avenue from 2PM to 6PM on Wednesday afternoons. Only! A selection of some takeout plus sauces (which I didn't see).

                    So it seems that the Thai restaurant in the gas station that you didn't care for was The Little Bee!

                    1. re: JTomWilson

                      The Little Bee folks that I spoke with at the Farmer's Market (who I'm PRETTY SURE are the original Little Bee chef and her husband) said that they sold the gas station restaurant relatively recently to somebody else. Whoever bought it is still running a Thai restaurant in the space and may still be calling it Little Bee, but it's not the original Little Bee. The name may have stayed the same, but it's not the same folks running it. Stick with getting her amazing sauces at the tailgate markets, or visit Thai Spice in Waynesville, which is pretty fantastic, too.

                      1. re: dingey

                        Glad you were able to speak with Took and her husband; they were not at the stand when I was at the market yesterday. I saw her leave just as I got there to track down a customer. I just looked at the Little Bee website and it doesn't have the same telephone number as the restaurant in the gas station and actually makes no mention of a restaurant. All the website references are to the tailgate market location amd time. Pretty confusing; at least for me.

                        1. re: JTomWilson

                          so what's the deal? Took is no longer cooking for a brick-and-mortar place and is now just selling her sauces?

                          1. re: KyMikey

                            For now, yes that is the case. According to the Citizen-Times over the weekend though, Little Bee is looking for a place to open a restaurant in East Asheville.