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Apr 18, 2009 04:31 PM

Outside Dining - Pittsburgh, PA

As the weather gets nicer, it is possible to combine 2 of my favorite things.. eating and being outside.

So, my question is.. where are your favorite places to dine outside?

I like...

Harris Grill
Six Penn (rooftop deck)

Always looking for new suggestions and places to try!

Thanks in advance to all for your input!

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  1. Il Pizziaolo, Bistro 19 - Mt. Lebanon
    Sonoma Grille - Downtown
    TaiPei - Cranberry
    La Casa, Enricos - Shadyside
    Bravo's - South Hills...a chain but nice outdoor dining. Great for salads.

    1. Andora up on Mt. Nebo Rd. Great outdoor area for dining and the food's often CH worthy.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        You stole my thunder...Andora has a fantastic outdoor area. Also, The Library, on the South Side has a nice roof top area.

      2. After a day trip up to Lake Arthur or McConnells Mill State Park we love to have a late lunch or early dinner on the deck at the Harmony Inn in Harmony. Charming setting, good beer selection, pretty good food (fairly typical American bar menu), and coconut cream pie to die for.

        1. Redfin Blues on Herr's Island is very nice. They have a nice deck overlooking the Allegheny River and a marina. It's nice to watch the boats, not to mention the ladies!!! Another fun place is Paradise Island on Neville Island. Palm trees and a sandy beach!

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          1. re: Burghfeeder

            awesome feedback everyone.. i've been meaning to try Il pizzialo.. I now remember why I havent yet, it was recommended to wait till the summer to sit on their patio.. and same for red fin blues..

            what about places to have some afternoon drinks? a few places come to mind pretty quickly....
            double wide (south side)
            rolands (strip) - they make the best bloody marys

            thanks in advance for your thoughts..

            1. re: hamm

              other "outdoor" spaces that come to mind are:
              R2 (next to red room) on S.Highland and Centre, they have rooftop deck
              point brugge - small patio but nice

              1. re: hamm

                The bloody marys at Six Penn are terrific. Definitely worth a try for a weekend brunch/lunch.