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Jul 3, 2004 05:22 PM


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Just wanted to recommend Warsawa to anyone looking for a change of pace on the Westside. I hadn't been for awhile, and was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of their food and the reasonable prices.

The potato pancakes, served with sour cream and stewed apples and plums, were crispy and delightful. The pirogi filled with wild mushrooms and cabbage was tasty, as was the beef stroganoff and stuffed cabbage. My bf's filet was perfectly cooked and flavorful. They'll let you order a half portion of 2 entrees (a "combination plate") if you can't decided between them (which I couldn't). The meal reminded me that I need to visit more often.


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  1. lynnz, I tried Warsawa for the first time a few months ago, and really enjoyed the entire experience. I need to get back there pronto for those pirogis and some buffalo grass vodka!

    Did you happen to notice if the back patio area, aka The Yard, has has reopened? It was closed temporarily when I was there, but the hostess said it was due to reopen as soon as they hired more staff.

    1. We love this place. What you ordered was perfect. The Lemon Crepe dessert is pretty great too. The Bison Grass Vodka is quite unique. Made into an Apple Martini it is also very enjoyable. The Prunes wrapped in Bacon appetizer are a must try.

      1. Do they serve potato pirogi there?

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            In case anybody doesn't know the place and wants to look it up (mapquest, yelp, etc,) the correct spelling is Warszawa, and it's on Lincoln in Santa Monica. Try the duck/ Also, the pickled herring appetizer is the best I've ever had. Happy eating!

        1. They have an appetizer of grilled, stewed plums wrapped in bacon that's unbelievable. This place is quirky, and so un-L.A. I always enjoy it there!

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            Those bacon-wrapped prunes or plums or whatever are a brilliant thing to have with icy vodka shots. Dang, I just wish this place were next door, so I didn't have to worry about driving...!