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Apr 18, 2009 03:20 PM

The Sauerkraut Site

Looking for Reuben info, I came across this site that has all the usual kraut recipes as well as a few different ideas

You know, looking at the recipe ,,, sauerkraut eggrolls don't seem bad ... pork chops and bacon are involved. I might pass on the sauerkraut smoothie favoring instead the krautini.

There are even desserts, but I have no idea what would cause anyone to add kraut to the Happy Hour Pie (Oreos, mini marshmallows, milk, frozen whip topping, cream de cacao, brandy) unless they had been enjoying quite a bit of that brandy first.

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  1. i've heard great things about sauerkraut chocolate cake--apparently it makes the cake more moist and people who don't realize it's sauerkraut think it's coconut.

    I had a krautini at a local German restaurant last year. I liked it more than I would like to admit!

    Fun website, thank you!