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Apr 18, 2009 03:08 PM

The Big Fat Greek Buffet Mississauga

I wanted to try out this restaurant with my family and wanted to know if this place was any good. Can you help?!?

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  1. My wife went there for a business lunch and said she stuffed her face and that the food was good...
    Pretty fresh and the Turnover is high, so the food doesn't get to dry under the lamps

    1. Went twice shortly after they opened & again wkend before last - hostess says her grandmother is coaching the chef, and it shows: Crisp greaseless calamari rings, juicy pork souvlaki, cold grilled veg, spanatokopita starters. Also salad bar, where the dolmades reside - a shame as they taste much better sl warm. Pastitsio a bit dense but flavourful. Beef stew succulent. Wonderful little cabbage rolls in egg&lemon sauce. Nice rice, 2 ways. Potatoes 2 ways: lemon, tomato, need a bit more roasting to stand up to the flavours. Various braised veg, generally good. No lamb!!! Pineapple cake, various baked desserts, ice cream, consistently ripe fruit for dessert. It's become a regular in our rota of competent wkend lunches.

      1. Oooh la la! Finally, something other than Tuckers and Mandarin in the area ... Our work lunches were getting a little mundane in terms of buffets.
        What are the details? Location, prices, etc.?

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        1. I tried it recently at lunchtime and was somewhat surprised, as I don't expect a lot from an AYCE.

          On a buffet, you cannot expect souvlaki to be freshly grilled - they will be sitting there for a few minutes, so they cannot be expected to be a nice as what you'd get in a cook-to-order place. Both versions of the meatballs (Grilled and in Tomato sauce) were quite tasty, as was the beef stew, grilled sausages and stuffed veggies. There were warm avrolemono domlades in addition to the cold ones on the salad bar. (beach cook take note!) I wish t he tomato sauce had been thicker, as it's flavour was good, but I found it somewhat watery.

          I don't drink pop or beer, so with plain water, the bill was under $14, which I thought was good value.

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            Greek Buffet....ughh Mississauga is too far to go!!!

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              went to BIG FAT GREEK BUFFET yesterday with a buddy, we are both downtowners, but willing to travel a bit for good quality food. GOD I hope this place survives. They seem to have been open for about a year. At lunch it was a few construction types and a huge table of senior citizens chowing down. The food is very comforting Greek menu, extremely well prepared, and very attentive service. Obviously run by a complete family.
              Worth every dime we spent, which wasn't much! The place isn't packed at lunch, don't know about dinner time. Hope the management can get the word out about this place
              and don't just rely on walk in traffic. They are surrounded by the competition, Swiss Chalet, a Mexican joint, so it could be along haul to succeed, but I will definitely recommend, even if you live in downtown TO!

              1. re: Danybear

                I happened to be in the area a second time recently at lunch and figured that this was worth a second visit. This time, I watched for the souvlaki to be put out fresh and they were quite good. The steam table and salad bar dishes were the same selection as before. Everything I had was quite flavorful. If they were in the heart of the Danforth, would I take guests there instead of Pantheon or The Palace? They're not at that quality level, and a buffet cannot be expected to be so, so the answer would be "no". However, this maybe the only AYCE that I've tried, where you can sincerely talk about quality.

          2. Excellent food. The hot trays are not too full so fresh foods are brought out. Great comfort food. I would go back anytime.