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Apr 18, 2009 02:51 PM

Just bought my very first truffle!!!

I went to our Saturday Growers Market this morning and the Mushroom Man had some small black truffles. Last week he only had one and it was pre-sold for $75! This one was only $5 and is perhaps an inch in diameter and was grown here in So. Oregon. I confessed my truffle virginity to him and he gave me two suggestions:

--- cut the truffle in half and take one half and mince it finely. Lightly scramble four or so eggs in a bowl, put the minced truffles in and refrigerate overnight. The truffles will infuse their flavor into the eggs. Scrambled very softly (I call it ala Karl S). That's it.

--- the other half he suggested shaving it. He uses a vegetable peeler even though he owns a truffle peeler. Said his wife cut herself badly :) Then make an Alfredo sauce, serve with pasta and truffles.

Anybody have any additional suggestions? I'm planning on budgetting $5/wk for this little extravangance.

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  1. - add some to your mushroom risotto
    - anytime with mushrooms
    - grated on top of a hamburger ala Daniel
    - minced with potatoes - mashed or gratin
    - on a homemade white pizza

    HMMM - again I'm jealous!

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    1. re: alwayscooking

      I love truffle shaved over a white pizza with goat cheese, thyme, and wild mushrooms, def in risotto, shaved into a lobster salad with a bit of mayo, lobster slices, green onion, and red pepper, served in the halved shell (a ripert recipe) hmmm yeah i'm jealous

      1. re: kubasd

        You know this could be like you paint one room in your house and everything else looks awful so you have to do it all. That $5 truffle gets more expensive in a lobster salad but it sure does sound good :)

        1. re: c oliver

          Good for you! you deserve a truffle a week! I love shaved truffle on pasta.

          1. re: c oliver

            It's like a gourmet feast in a shell, lol. But yes, I envision dishes paling in comparison the the truffle infused ones.... You could stretch it a bit by investing in a good bottle of truffle oil and using them 50/50 in recipes

      2. Unfortunately, Oregon truffles do not come at all close to the taste of their European cousins. $75 for one is highway robbery. Frankly, I wouldn't pay anything for these pale imitations.

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        1. re: pikawicca

          I've never had one but I know Caralien ordered a lot of them a few months ago. I'll have to read about them.

        2. C Oliver, I meant to add- make truffle butter!!!! horray, so delicious!shave the truffle, mix with softened butter, roll up into a little log and wrap in plastic wrap. What a treat to have in the fridge- a great thing to add to potato au gratin.

          1. Roast a chicken with slices of truffle tucked under the skin before you roast it, just make small slices in the skin and tuck in the slices of truffle. Yum!

            1. Eggs and rice are too of the things I like truffles with.