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Apr 18, 2009 02:42 PM

Snackery at Brooklyn Flea

Went to the Brooklyn Flea Market this morning, enjoying the gorgeous weather. I got there around noon and was hungry. Thought I might get a plate from whichever of the Red Hook vendors was serving. Thought again. The line must have been 50 deep. I wandered away from the long, discouraging line, and came across that little ricotta stand (Salvatore?) they were serving little openfaced panini - a generous smear of ricotta, a few leaves of arugula, and thinly sliced sorpresatta - for $3. I got one. Perfect thing to take the edge off my hunger and the ricotta was unctuously delicious. I would have bought some to go if I had been going right back home.

I then espied a new empanada stand - only beef empanadas so not useful for vegetarians. Two smallish but very hot and tasty empanadas filled with beef, raisins, olives and hardboiled eggs (yum) were $5.

A successful snack mission all around!

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  1. /gasp
    thanks for posting!
    Is Salvatore selling the ricotta too, or all ready-to-eat?

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      they are selling the ricotta, but I didn't feel like walking around all day with fresh cheese. I wasn't sure it would keep.

    2. yeah I waited about 45 minutes for my huarache. While my husband waited on the pupusa line--also took about 45 minutes! But it was worth it after the long winter drought, I needed my fix and couldn't wait until they open up in Red Hook. At least it was a beautiful day--but the place was a zoo. Later on I also noted what looked to be yummy grilled cheese and pickle paninis from Consider Bardwell Farm--I think I will try one of these next time!