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Apr 18, 2009 02:35 PM

Best places to eat and buy ramps (MSP)

We had a great meal at Trattoria Tosca last night that was ramp-filled. I know we are a little early fo ramp season here (theirs came from West Virginia), but once we are into the full of it in a couple of weeks, where are the best places to buy ramps (for home use) and what are te best restaurants to eat them at? I'm almost ready to join the Harmony Valley Farms CSA just for the ramps, but that seems a little bit excessive.

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  1. You can get ramps at Mississippi Market in St Paul when they are in season, and probably at some of the other co-ops as well. I am pretty sure Harmony Valley Farms supplies produce to the Wedge and Mississippi Market.

    1. Ramps are on the menu at Heartland this week - they're in at least in one dish (smoked fish and celeriac soup with ramps). I almost ordered it, but was lured away by the gnocchi with morels and fiddlehead ferns - another sign of spring in the Midwest.


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        I've always been curious about what fiddlehead ferns taste like and haven't yet had a chance to try them. Are they describable?

        1. re: Enso

          Fiddlehead ferns remind me of asparagus in texture and in taste, though, a little earthier. You use them in the same dishes as you would asparagus, too.

          They had them at Mississippi Market last year--I assume they will have them this year, too.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Good description, TDQ! I'd never had fiddlehead ferns before last night. I thought they tasted exactly like the ferns in my yard smell, with the crunch of a very thin asparagus spear. I liked them very much!


      2. Thanks for the suggestions. I went to the Wedge on Saturday with the hopes that they'd have some spring stuff out only to be reminded that it is just too early. (After living in New York for 7 years, I am used to some of the earlier spring stuff being out by now.) So I will keep looking!

        I have never been as into fiddlehead ferns as ramps, although my husband loves them. They're also a little more fussy to cook because they taste a lot better if they are blanched before being sauteed. But I am excited about having more morel options!

        I think I also noticed a ramp dish at Heidi's last week, but I may be wrong.

        1. Just got back from Mississippi Market (Selby & Dale), and they had both ramps and fiddlehead ferns. The ramps were in a pretty sorry state, though - very wilted - and they only had three small bunches.

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            I bought one of the four bunches, leaving three. I'd never had ramps before, only heard of them, and could NOT pass them up. Brought my bunch home and crispped it up in the 'fridge in cold water. Maybe not knowing any better, they were just perfect to me. I fell in love with them.

            Missed the ferns. Will see what's up tomorrow at MM at Selby/Dale.

          2. Ramps were served with my scallops last night at Barbette. They were combined with roasted tomatoes and a mango curry sauce.