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Apr 18, 2009 02:02 PM

Best Chicken Burger in Toronto?

I'm staying away from red meat these days so where can I find a really, really great chicken burger in DOWNTOWN Toronto?

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  1. Served to you in a restaurant or frozen for you to prepare at home?

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    1. I actually really like Hero's chicken burger and they do it blackened too!

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      1. re: niagarafoodie

        I heard their burgers were pretty darn good, actually, for a fast food place anyway. I'll check them out but I'd also like to find some place with maybe a pub or patio-type setting where we can grab a pint to with our chicken burgers as well lol

      2. South Side Louie's on the South side of College st, East of Clinton has a great chicken burger. Chunky fries aren't so bad either.

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        1. re: tochipotle

          I will definitely check this place out.