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Apr 18, 2009 01:58 PM

A Feast at Angela's

Eight of us rolled happily out the door, after our feast today. (Unfortunately, our Crew has become too large to host chowdowns open to everyone - but we encourage others to set up chowdowns and enjoy! More info below)

We began with her wonderful GUACAMOLE, fresh homemade chips, and bottles of her green and red salsa for even more "kick" and flavor. Scraped that bowl clean!

Followed that with Mexican QUESADILLAS , as her son Joel explained, these weren't the familiar TexMex variety, but homemade thick corn tortillas, simply filled with Mexican queso (cheese) jalapenos, and chicharron, and then grilled. (These were a special; it's always worth asking what Angela his making that day that's new...)

An array of other small plates followed: her excellent GORDITAS, fat corn tortillas with delicious chorizo; FISH TACOS, a new item and quite appealing; TACOS ARABES, roast pork with chipotle sauce;TAMALES, another new choice, with pork and chicken, and wonderful PLANTAINS, also a recent addition to her menu.

Another special this weekend was RAJAS AGUADAS; a spicy, tomato based (I believe) broth with pork loin and strips of rajas, or poblano peppers. Of course, we got POLLO CON MOLE, as we had some "newbies" with us who had not yet experienced this heavenly mole (and us "oldsters" wanted it, too!) and - a new one for many, and probably the biggest "hit" of the meal, POLLO CON PEPIAN VERDE, chicken in another complex sauce, made with pumpkin and sesame seeds and tomatillos.

We threw in (unneccessarily, it turned out, as we were already filled) some sides of the mole and her adobo sauce, and a couple of dishes of homemade tortillas.

We finished off with a couple of lovely flans, light, caramelly, and delightful!

Pictures ( and commentary?) to follow...

For those who would like to put together a Chowdown (easy!) or a ChowCrew, here's some info: (see the last section) and

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  1. Lovely meal. Favorites were the trajas aguadas (pickled pepper soup), camarones a la Diablo (spicy shrimp appetizer), tacos de tilapia, pollo con mole, and pollo con pepian verde. But everything—from the rockin’ guacamole to the final flan—was fresh, tasty, and satisfying.

    Pix are here:

    The cheery restaurant was particularly festive, with paper streamers in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo, for which they’re planning a special prix fixe menu. Check their website for details in due course (

    1. my personal favorites were the creamy guacamole with homemade blue and yellow tortilla chips, the toothsome gorditas with spicy chorizo and crumbled queso fresco, and the side of maduros (fried sweet plantains)

      the flan was nice but i wish they made camotes (sweet potato pudding). i think it would make a wonderful addition to the menu. we asked joel about it but he just laughed and said, "we don't make camotes"

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      1. re: galangatron

        That gorditas con chorizo is killer!

      2. Everything from the colorful decor to the genuine warm welcome and every dish we enjoyed underline the fact that Angela's mission is to offer the deep, nuanced flavors of their particular corner of Mexico with no generic compromises. If only more restaurants followed the same business model and stuck to their hometown cuisine.

        Standouts for me were the plump shrimp in a sweet fiery sauce; the delicate fish tacos, the pipian and mole (photography doesn't quite do justice to the deep mahogany color of the mole and the grassy green of the pipian), the gnocchi-like comforting tamales, and finally the silky sweet flan. Can't wait to go back.

        1. I just got back (literally got home at 3am) from a 10-day trip to Puebla and Veracruz and will have to hit up Angela's soon to satisfy my craving for tacos arabes and al pastor. Quesadilla con chicharron, zucchini blossoms and quesillo is the best combination with huitlacoche and quesillo a close second I found this trip. I wish they had molotes for breakfast... so delicious.

          1. Guac, chorizo gorditas and that wonderful pipian were my favorites. I really enjoyed the addition of the fish tacos. It was great to have those red & green sauce squeeze bottles & wedges of lime to add.