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Wine shop that specializes in Champagne?

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About three years ago I was visiting LA with some friends and we visited a store somewhere between West Hollywood and Santa Monica that sold mostly Champagne. We are heading back to LA next week and I'd like to find the store again but I've had no luck on Google. Anyone have any ideas of the name and location of the store?

Also, any other good wine stores in the Santa Monica area? We are looking for a good selection of California wine (in addition to our hunt for a great champagne selection).

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  1. The Wine House in West Los Angeles is huge by Westside standards, and has a substantial selection of sparkling wines as well as California wines. It is directly adjacent to the 405 freeway between Olympic and Pico blvds. Most of the staff is knowledgeable and the prices are fair.


    1. Wine Expo on Santa Monica Boulevard. The specialize in Italian wines and sparkling wines. Great store.

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      1. 2nd Wine Expo on Santa Monica; they specialize in champagne.

        1. k & l has nice selection on bubbly in hollywood

          1. Gotta be Wine Expo for what you're specifically talking about, kinda crowded, stacked boxes in a little mini mall, right? If so it's Wine Expo, but the other suggestions people have are great ones as well. Cheers!

            1. Wine expo. They sell mostly Champagne, as well a Italian wine. In Santa Monica.

              1. Bear in mind that as good as wine expo is for champagne and italian wine (not to mention tequila, single malt scotches and beers), it does not have much in the way of California wines. you may want to stop at the wine house as well. and if you stop at the wine house, you may as well go to 2020 wines (also on cotner, between olympic and santa monica).

                1. As mentioned, Wine Expo in Santa Monica specialized in grower champagne and Italian wines; however, they have very little CA wines.

                  For CA wines and a much broader selection in general, go to the Wine House.

                  Wine Expo
                  2933 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

                  Sushi House
                  12013 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064