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Apr 18, 2009 12:11 PM

Potato Chips on Beverly

Wondering if the slow transformation from wine shop to deli/wine shop named Potato Chips, adjacent to (and owned by) Cobras & Matadors on Beverly, has actually yielded any sandwiches yet? And if so, if they're any good?

Anyone been inside lately? Are they selling food yet, or still just wine? Would love any reports on the menu and how it's shaking out.


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  1. No deli yet. Just a very limited selection of Spanish wines and beers. They are taking a verrrry long time to finish the transformation.

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    1. re: love2eat

      Word is they're now up and running. Appreciate any early reports. And a run down on the sandwich selection.

      1. re: wutzizname

        I went today for lunch. It was a nice space and Steven was there supervising the posting of the signage. He recommended the Italian, so I took him up on his recommendation.

        The sandiwch was a good sandwich (Italian). It had really good ingredients , but my biggest problem was the bread. It was a long sesame roll and it was generic and a little bland. I kinda wanted something a little nicer, even like some of the bread he serves next door.

        As for the potato chips, the selection was pretty lame. There was about 4 different kinds...and yes, I know he liked the sign, but he could have a better selection.

        Plenty of alcoholic selections, but not much for sodas; just 7up in a can and bottles of Coke (perhaps Mexican).

        I had the Italian. The other options were Proscuitto, Tuna, Vegetarian, and 1 other...

        All in all, not impressed because of the roll and the price - $13.11 for Sandwich, Chips, and a 7up) . Not the worst place to try, but I won't be back until they change a few things.

        1. re: sarcasmsk

          Larchmont Wine and Cheese is still the best place to get these types of sandwiches.

          1. re: Food622

            Yo Sarc,

            I think there are a couple of "Where can I get a good sandwich?" threads already.

            But what did you think of "Potato Chips on Beverly"?

            1. re: wutzizname

              I started one about Bay Cities, but that's a different story. I thought it was worth trying, but the bread just ruins it for me. You put that same sandwich on a nice French Roll and I'll come back.

              They should also look into having some real cool bags of potato chips. Like having Cape Cod chips or something a little different. I know that's not the reason for the name, but why not???

            2. re: Food622

              Does Larchmont Wine and Cheese have seating? It's not clear from the online resources I was able to find.

              1. re: Peripatetic

                A couple of plastic tables and folding chairs outside. Nothing fancy but works if you want to enjoy your lunch there.