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Apr 18, 2009 11:54 AM

Ardeo Review

I just wanted to report back about a great meal at Ardeo. I hadn't read anything about it recently on the board, but was looking to try a new moderately priced restaurant and the menu looked interesting so I decided to check it out. It was very last minute, but the host was happy to take our "we'll be there in 15 minutes reservation" and said she'd reserve us a table on the currently full rooftop patio if one came available. A table was reserved for us when we arrived. It was very nice to be outside, but unfortunately the area doesn't have the greatest view...

We received a good bread basket to start. I really enjoyed the mini corn bread muffins. The french bread was good - nothing special though. The third bread had a great herb flavor, but could have been a little softer IMO.

We started with the charred octopus and the mussels. The octopus was absolutely delicious! Perfectly cooked - tender - not chewy at all. It came with fingerling potatoes and a green olive vinaigrette. Excellent too, although I didn't taste much of an olive flavor (fine by me) and it had hints of a citrus tangerine like flavor which blended very nicely together. The mussels were also excellent. I'm usually not a fan of mussels, but these were large, flavorful, and very tender. I think we mopped up pretty much all of the sauce with the bread too - very good!

Next, we had the beef skirt steak and the scallops. The skirt steak was so flavorful just by itself I was very impressed. The side dish with it needed improvement though - truffled asparagus frites - they were just eh. I really enjoyed the scallop preparation as well. They were served thinly sliced, ceviche style with a red plum and ginger topping, greens, and a light oil-like sauce. I thought it was delicious, but the ginger flavor was very strong, so it is probably not a dish for everyone.

For dessert we had the banana bread pudding and the carrot cake. Both were good, but I think needed to be served in smaller portions. The first few bites I thought were delicious, but it seemed to get kind of bland as I kept eating. I think sharing a dessert would be perfect because I left just under half of it on my plate.

All in all I had a great meal and will definitely be back to try more of their menu items.

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  1. I am also a fan of Ardeo. Can't find my prior posts, but I know I've posted twice before. Today was even better. We met friends for brunch. They live overseas so we rarely see them, plus we were there in part to reminisce about a friend who just passed away. We unfortunately couldn't host in our house as we just moved in and who knows where anything is. So we ended up occupying the table for two hours. Something I would ordinarily never do. However, they never once nudged us or pushed us to leave. This is the hospitality and graciousness for which Ardeo and all the Ashok Bajaj restaurants are known for. And we were aware that the waiter could have turned that table at least once and maybe twice, so we left a tip of 60%. Besides that, the service was excellent. They seated us even though our friends had not yet arrived. They were as professional as could be without ever intruding on our conversation. The food was great. I had the watermelon-cucumber gazpacho. It arrived at the table as a bowl with a small mound of whipped yoghurt and then they poured the chilled soup around it. Lovely. It wasn't really a gazpacho in that it had no pieces of vegetable but it was absolutely delicious. I also had the salmon croquettes - a snack item. Four small croquettes, fried without a speck of visible or extra grease. Husband had the crispy Brussel sprouts with peaches and peanuts. Like eating candy. I could have made a meal of those! He followed up with the BLT which is served with an "egg 63" on top. Turns out egg 63 is an egg cooked at 63 degrees celsius for an hour, turning out a perfectly poached egg. And it was. Accompanied by very good diced friend potatoes. We never order dessert but husband is a pie addict and couldn't pass up the local blueberry pie (it was a mini-pie with a lattice top) accompanied by diced peaches and basil ice cream. This was certainly worth the calories. It was absolutely delicious. Friends had the chilled beet salad, eggs benedict, and the salmon croquettes. They ended with the raspberry shortcake, which they loved.

    All in all a truly wonderful meal. No complaints at all except that the coffee one of us ordered wasn't hot enough. I suspect they failed to heat the French press prior to making the coffee. Otherwise, it was perfect.

    Thank you, Ardeo!

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      ah, well that's the secret ingredient that explains why everything was so delicious . . . .

      "very good diced friend potatoes"

      Soylent Green
      Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies
      Dr. Lecter's Delicacies
      . . . and now this . . .

      1. re: Marty L.

        Hah! The friends were good and the potatoes were good, but the friends left intact after eating the fried potatoes. Though my recipe for potato latkes calls for eggs, onions, and a bissel skin-of-knuckle...

      2. re: Just Visiting

        Nice description, Thanks. That egg is the foundation of sous vide.