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Bone Marrow

Where can I find a good/great bone marrow dish in L.A.? As close to or better then Blue Ribbon or Landmarc in N.Y.

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    1. My favorite is the simple roasted bone marrow at Pizzeria Mozza. I wish they served it on the Osteria side too!

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        pic of Church and State bone marrow

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          Ooh! Nice pic! I haven't been to Church & State yet, but I love how they cut the bone lengthwise. Do you only get half the bone? What accompanies it?

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            An order is the full bone. It was accompanied with crostini, and I think pickled veggies, cilantro, etc ?
            Can't remember exactly ..


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              As we were having a large tasting menu - this was a half order. It is accompanied by a radish and parsley salad. We were instructed to spread the roasted bone marrow on the crouton and top it with some of the radish and parsley salad - ingenious as the radish cuts some of the fattiness of the marrow while adding a bite and texture that is wonderful.

              Full pics here:

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                Exactly - you got it right!! It's to die for!

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                  Got it today.

                  Certainly an outstanding dish, very creative and well presented.

                  Only caveat: get their regular baguette instead of the croutons. The croutons are too oily/buttery, don't go well with the fatty marrow. But a sandwich of bone marrow, the radish/parsley and the baguette is paradise on earth.

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                    That sounds like a great idea. I didn't find the crostini to be oily, ours were super crispy, and I think the idea is to have that textural difference and mouth-feel with the silky, unctuous marrow on top of the crispy, buttery crostini/crouton. But I do like the idea of the marrow soaking up the soft insides of the baguette with the radish salad providing the only crunchy contrast. I will definitely try it this way next time.

            2. A friend had the bone marrow at Pizzeria Mozza last week and raved about it.

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                  Mozza was excellent both times I've had it there. Church and State looks pretty damn good too. I love marrow!

                2. Agreed with the others; C&S and Mozza makes great marrow!


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                      Oh yum, really?? At both locations? Is it only a special?

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                        I had it at the Culver City location a few months ago and I think it's on the regular menu.

                    2. Cut - bone marrow flan
                      Pizzeria Mozza - bone marrow with great bread, molden sea salt and parsely
                      Both better than Blue Ribbon
                      Blue Ribbon's tasted like peanut butter and jelly to me.
                      Father's office and Library Bar's versions are not as good to me.

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                        1. Had them twice at Mozza, one time great the other two of the bones were very cold...

                          I've heard there are great marrow bones at Shilo's, on Pico.
                          (310) 858-1652
                          8939 W Pico Blvd
                          Los Angeles, CA 90035

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                            really that sucks! We've always gotten them so hot that the bones were untouchable and the marrow sizzling even

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                              half our order was that hot too. the other half, cold like you'd put on a black eye

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                                Did they replace it or just take it off your tab or bring you something else later (dessert or an apperitife) to make up for it?

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                                  It was late, the kitchen was closed. The pizza made up for it..
                                  I usually point it out but I was so impressed by the pizza (and how much it had improved since I'd first had it) that I didn't say a,nything

                          2. I'm a fan of the Mozza version, though I now look forward to trying Church and State's.

                            The thing with marrow though is that it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to make. It's hard for me to justify paying restaurant prices for the dish when I can grab all the ingredients for $5~7 and indulge in meat-butter decadence from comfort of my home.

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                              Please take any discussion about making things at home to the Home Cooking board by beginning a new thread there. We strive to keep discussion here about the best places to eat and shop for food in Los Angeles.