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Apr 18, 2009 11:38 AM

Hibiscus Island and a hard crowd to please

A group of us have rented a home on Hibiscus Island in early May. We've got one person with a serious seafood allergy, a couple of gourmands, a couple of wine snobs and one budget-conscious guest. Through posts here I've come up with Sardinia, Talula, Versailles and MGF. I'd be interested in a couple more casual experiences not far from our location...lunch or dinner.

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  1. sergad>

    Your house guest list sounds like an episode of MTV's Real World for Yuppies!

    Just to the east of the causeway, you'll find Clarke's Pub on 1st Street (Sunday brunch, casual happy hour vibe and good burgers), Nemo (one of the better Sunday brunch buffets), Joe's Takeaway (the fun part of the famous seafood restaurant serving breakfast @ 7:30am, lunch specials, and the rest of the menu until 9-10pm), Fratelli la Buffala (casual Italian), TapTap (Island style cuisine and live music weekends, great mojtos), Monty's at the Marina (raw bar and 2-4-1 sundowner happy hour), 8 ounce burger bar (upscale burgers with the locals), i Corsini (nice patio dining if the weather holds up), Taverna Opa (fun casual Greek grill w/mezze and a party atmosphere), and you will NEED Epicure (gourmet market w/ bakery, deli, produce, bagels, wine...etc) on Alton and put the W Wine Boutique (.com) on speed dial 305-673-8282 (they do deliver).

    Have fun!


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      Thanks for the suggestions...the Real World analogy would be perfect except we're all in our mid 50's!