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Apr 18, 2009 11:30 AM

Lemon Basil Source in Brooklyn

I was scouting around this AM and happily report that Shannon's Nursery on Ft. Ham Parkway has Lemon Basil starts as well as the more common Genovese in one of their back greenhouses. I am going to repot, feed and try to give them a boost indoors (its still too cool to plant outdoors) and try to get ahead of the game for cooking Indonesian food in May-June.

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  1. Great minds. Just this morning I was asking the herb vendors at the farmers market if/when they might have it and could I grow it on a southeast-facing window sill. He told me they start lemon basil a little later than many of the other herbs so it will be another two weeks before they start selling small pots of it. Eager to see if black thumb here can at least manage to keep it alive over the summer.