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Apr 18, 2009 11:28 AM

Gowanus Yacht Club...Worth the Hoopla?

Well? Is it? I'm not a hipster and it's like 45 minutes away. Should I care enough to travel almost an hour (or more depending) for beer outside and food on paper plates?

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  1. I kind of don't know what to make of all the hipstery hoopla that has seemed to surround the opening of GYC the past few years, because it doesn't feel like any kind of scene to me--then again, I'm about as far away from a hipster as it's possible to be, so maybe I'm just not noticing its hipness. What it is is a low-key relaxing bunch of tables and benches with table service where I love to sit with a small group of friends in the late afternoon on not-too-hot days and chat over a beer. The food (similar to what you'd get if you fired up the grill in a suburban backyard) is nothing to write home about, but is fine for what it is.

    So I guess my answer is that I highly recommend the place for a small group of friends that want to sit around outside and drink beer, but as to traveling almost an hour to get there, that would entirely depend on whether there's any place closer to you where you can sit around outside and drink beer and eat average burgers and dogs.

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    1. re: planetjess

      Yup, what Planetjess said. Keep in mind it also gets very crowded on nice evenings, so you might get here to find a long wait on top of the trip to get here. I really think of it as a neighborhood spot, nothing to travel from another neighborhood to get to.

      1. re: Nehna

        I certainly like the place but I wouldn't say that it's not worth traveling for. and incidentally I just passed it and it is PACKED, wall to wall. where are you located now?

    2. It is most definitely not worth a 45 minute trip. Only good if you live nearby and happen to be walking past and it's nice out and you feel like stopping for a crappy beer and hot dog. Only if all of those conditions are met is it worth it. Otherwise it's an annoying, smoky, fauxhipster trap.

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      1. re: scarlet starlet

        ^exactly. it's a good place, but only if you're in the hood of if you have a bunch of friends who are hanging out there that day/night. re: smokeyness - GYC is now non smoking.

        1. re: scarlet starlet

          I agree- much more of a neighborhood place. Also, the bathroom is atrocious, even by minimal dive bar standards. I walk the three blocks back to my apartment rather than brave that dank basement.

          1. re: tiger2

            Oh yes, the "bathroom". Even if you're willing to venture into the basement (which I've done with the lights out...eek), you wouldn't exactly want to allow contact between your skin and any surface...

            I'd still be willing to travel just a bit to get there if there were nothing approaching something similar close by--all the roof bars seem to be entirely populated by, not hipsters, but...I don't know. They're scary and tend to drink non-martini drinks in martini glasses.

            1. re: tiger2

              a basement? when i used to go there they only had portopotties... i would never travel to go to GYC, but if you're in the neighborhood it's a nice place to drink on summer nights... no reason to eat there, w/ the amount of decent food nearby...

          2. No, especially if you're far away and not a hipster. I'd also skip it if you're over 25. I'm in my early 30s and the last time I dropped by I felt like a grandma.

            1. I fucking hate GYC. The service is surly, the beer shitty, and it seems as if it's a giant hipster magnet, able to pull in every ironic-t-shirt-wearing scruff-head within a five-mile radius.

              Oh, and the service is surly.

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              1. re: twan55

                Recent bad experience with the service?

                1. re: planetjess

                  They're just not friendly at all. Too cool for school. I live in the neighborhood and used to go there but now- never. Nice people make up for a lot in my book.

              2. I concur with most of the above - it's not a destination spot, and frankly their last pig roast was totally lame
                I live close by, and the idea that even one of the Red Hook Vendors will be parked nearby is very exciting....

                Parked!: The Best Food Trucks in NYC
                Saturday May 23 (noon–7pm)
                The BKLYN Yard (400 Carroll St)

                " the Yard returns for another summer of outdoor fun along
                the Gowanus Canal. (Except now it's called the BKLYN Yard.) This
                weekend's kickoff event features the best mobile food vendors from
                across the city, gathered together for a day-long cook-off. Enjoy
                culinary delights from Pizza Moto, Van Leeuwen ice cream, the Red Hook
                huarache vendors, and several others "

                No doubt there will be a line . . .