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Apr 18, 2009 11:17 AM

last meal cooked

I love to peek into other peoples kitchens and see what menus they are whipping up, so I'd love to know what the last meal you prepared was. Mine was beer-can chicken, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, stewed squash, tomato slices in a lemon vinaigrette, deviled eggs and Mexican cornbread.

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  1. Last night was grilled hamburgers topped with homemade pickled cherry peppers, grilled asparagus, scallions, and pomagrante glazed squash.

    Tonight is whole deboned, stuffed poussin with broccolli. Sunday is Ripert's POACHED HALIBUT, SWEET-AND-SOUR GOLDEN AND RED BEETS, AND CITRUS-CORIANDER OIL EMULSION - I started making that one yesterday.

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      Please let us know if the Halibut recipe is as delicious as it sounds.

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        I have the book which contains Ripert's Halibut recipe. How did it come out? Any suggestions?

      2. Does frozen pizza with surimi on top count? Cooked in the nuclear oven? ...If not, this weekend I plan to make a huge stir-fry or maybe roast with Brussels sprouts.

        1. I had an ADD moment at the local grocery store yesterday and bought what I thought were baby red beets that actually were incredibile radishes( idiot moment) so we started dinner with an app of shaved radishes with EVOO and sea salt then wood grilled 2 serious veal chops with a simple baked potato...simple is so good

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            Going to borrow the radish salad and add to it...radishes, shaved fennel, hearts of palm toss with EVOO, maybe same finely chopped endive??

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              Sounds delicious ...and we were pretty happy with the impromptu 3 ingredient version we was a good save

          2. Last night was boring - hamburgers with goat cheese and avocado. But 2 nights ago I made an awesome salad:

            goat cheese
            poached chicken
            toasted pine nuts
            homemade dijon vinaigrette

            It was delish!

            1. Last night was a hodgepodge of leftovers. Roast turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, goat cheese and spinach on a tortilla. Not exactly your traditional turkey dinner, but tasty.