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Apr 18, 2009 10:54 AM

SF Hound seeks UWS suggestions

We will be @ The Lucerne(W. 79th) at the far end of our trip. Any suggestions for a great last night dinner in NYC. It will be a Sunday.

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  1. Some specifics would be helpful. Does it have to be very close to the hotel? Cuisine preferences? Casual or fancy? Per person budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional)?

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      We will have been in NYC for a week at the front end of our trip. We will have been in the Berkshires and have travelled by car & train back to NYC that day. I'd love to be able to walk from the Lucerne. Casual plus or fancy dressed down is more our style. Since it is our last night I'd say $100 pp dinner& drinks.

      1. re: roxie

        Dovetail, on 77th & Columbus Av., might be a good option. I've not been, but I have eaten Chef/owner John Fraser's cuisine when he was at Compass, and it was excellent. Also, Dovetail does get mainly positive reviews from those who have eaten there. On Sundays, they do a $38pp "Sunday Suppa." You can see the menu on the website.

        If you prefer a "regular" menu, you could consider going to 81, on 81st, b/t Columbus & CPW. Again, I've not been but have heard good things. The Chef/owner, Ed Brown, was for a very long time the Executive Chef at the well-known Sea Grill, at Rockefeller Center.

    2. Dovetail is probably your best choice. I have been there numerous times, though not on a Sunday when the dishes vary somewhat from the regular menu. The food is innovative with interesting flavor combinations. I have only been to 81 once, and do not recommend it. I felt the food was not quite up to the level of Dovetail, and the prices are higher. The decor, except for the attractive bar in front, is tacky. Another good option is Nice Matin, which is right in your hotel. It is more moderate in price, the provencale food is very tasty, and they have an excellent wine list.

      1. Nice Matin is a french restaurant that is in the same building as the Lucerne. While it's a step down I'd say from Dovetail and 81, it's still nicer than other nearby neighborhood places. Definitely worth it if you are tired. You could also walk to Kefi (Columbus & 84th), which is casual greek but well known. Making reservations on OpenTable for any of the places mentioned would probably be a good idea.