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Trader Joe Faves?

My faves are the rice milk because ds is dairy sensitive. I used to get all the different nuts but now know that ds is allergic to all nuts. I get the fresh cubed butternut squash. I get the Tonno tuna, Soyvay teriyaki sauce, frozen green beans, ginger snap cookies, and frozen cod fish fillets. What do you get?

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  1. frozen soysages, gluten free waffles, teriyaki baked tofu, whole wheat english muffins, baked potato chips, sparkling waters, raspberry wine (great for salad dressings), egg beaters, cheese, whole wheat pizza dough, lettuce, cereal, lemons, kefir, olive oil, agave, spices, peach salsa, peanut butter...
    on and on and on!

    1. Gluten and dairy free pancakes in the freezer.! I'm hooked! They are quick and tasty!

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        yes! toasted with earth balance and maple syrup YUM

      2. Baged Lemons, Greek Yogurt, Better than Pbutter - I live on this stuff, baked tortillas, white cheddar popcorn, tea, mango chutnery, sugar free Josephs CCCookies, frozen fruit, crosssaints, frozen corn, fire roasted salsa, whole wheat pizza dough, cheese and pepper bread, spices, olive oil, eggs, butter, imported pizza, mac n cheese - white cheddar

        1. lemons, avocados, trimmed leeks, sprouts, chunked butternut squash, mini squashes, steam-in-bag fresh brussel sprouts, hummus, soymilk, mango tea, chocotal chocolate ice cream, soy vanilla ice cream, mini choc chip mint ice cream sandwiches, meringue cookies (100 pcs for 100 calories), raspberry chocolate sticks, praline pecans, block-o-chocolate for baking, chocolate chips, rice chips, potato chips, baked tortilla chips, salsa, instant coffee, whole wheat bread, carrot cake sandwich cookies, canned tomatoes, pasta- plain and flavored

          my favorite product is the "bake at home rolls." they're parbaked french bread rolls and they take only a few minutes to bake up fresh. seriously, even when frozen, they taste like I just bought them fresh from the bakery. my husband loves them with grilled chicken or as a side when we have pasta.

          1. those box packaged sopups, specifically the corn one and the black bean one

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                exactly! the thread only remains valid if within the last month or so!

              2. I got some GREAT pickled the other day - they are in the refrigerator section with the sliced meats, not in the aisle, and they are the whole half-sour pickles, not the bread-and-butter pickles. You can tell just from the brine they are going to be good, and they taste straight from a top NY deli. I also like the turkey jerky a lot. Also cheap, delicious sparkling wine (have a $5.99 prosecco waiting in my fridge for tonight, Zona maybe? starts with a Z). Also, box soups. Cheese (half the price of other stores!), eggs (ditto), frozen pizza. Mmmmm.

                1. white balsamic vinegar
                  sugar plum tomatoes, when they're in season, though i buy them year-round
                  frozen green beans
                  sweet potato chips
                  identity crisis tortilla chips
                  nantes carrots and the organic bagged carrots
                  baby zucchini squash and baby brussel sprouts

                  for others:
                  pastry bites with feta and caramelized onions
                  chocolate lava cake
                  macaroni and cheese
                  chocolate caramel tart cookies
                  joe joe's
                  chicken marsala

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                    I don't like their white balsamic. It's a little to raw and harsh for my tastes. Tr y Alessi brand. I can only find it at cost plus/world market. It's much more versatile and has a wonderful wine-like quality which is somehow missing in the TJ's brand.

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                      i'm surprised you have a hard time finding Alessi - a lot of stores carry it.