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Apr 18, 2009 10:41 AM

Beso. Anything worth eating?

While I wouldn't select this place on my own, an out of town guest would like to treat me to dinner at Beso. I can't turn down a free dinner, right?

I've heard mixed reviews about the food. You see, I'm a Texas girl, used to quality Tex-Mex grub. Does anyone have a recommendation for an enjoyable entree at Beso? Unfortunately I don't eat seafood, but everything else is fair game.


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  1. Well, I went recently with a group of fellow-foodies and was MUCHO disappointed in the food and the service. Disappointing to be sure. We had all been looking forward to eating there. All of us found the food bland, boring and predictable - the service was rushed and inconsistent. They brought our entrees before we had finished our apps, brought our check while we were still eating dessert. Don't go, I say. Save yourself!