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Apr 18, 2009 10:35 AM

Key West, the good and bad.

Spent a glorious week in Key West. Loved the weather and the food. Some bad to report but mostly great. Inn we stayed in recommended the Roof Top Cafe but we were originally put off by the look from the street. Second recommendation was Hot Tin Roof. We were travelling with a celiac and needed gf. Call to HTR, never returned, second call, still no answer. Called RTC and got a great reception. We ate there twice, great tomato salads and unusual ceasars as well as two great special salads, one with pear, one with duck and seaweed. Both masterfully combined. Lots of seafood, scallops cooked to perfection, bison strip, great surf, surf and turf, lobster, shrimp and fillet, can't quite get used to the warm water lobster (from Maine) but dish was great. Topped off with key lime pie and two gf dessert, choc torte and a custard, both great. Service top notch, drinks ample and well presented. Highly recommend. Still waiting to hear from HTR, maybe business is so good they don't have to worry???

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  1. You didn't miss much at Hot Tin Roof.

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      Good to know, folks at the Simoncourt said it was great!! We liked Blue Heaven but were really tired and I can't quite remember what we ate. We also had a nice meal at Camille's, less upscale but food was good. What about Louie's Backyard? We didn't see much we liked on the menu.....

      1. re: jspear

        We are headed to Key West in 3 weeks for a week and also staying at Simonton Court.
        Looking to have one or two nice dinners out and then the rest casual. For nice we will probably go to Cafe Marquesa, have never been so thought we'd give it a try.
        As for other places to dine probably will hit 7 Fish, El Siboney, BO's Fish Wagon, maybe the La Te Da for brunch.
        Any suggestions? Where else did you dine.
        We love, love, love Key West and try to get there every two or three years.
        Can't wait to go again.

        1. re: KathyH

          We LOVED the Roof Top Cafe and ate there twice. We liked the look of the menu at Marquesa but did not eat there. As above, Blue Heaven was good but we were exhausted and really couldn't tell you much about the menu. I did not enjoy the smoking they allow. We had burgers at Margueritaville, so so. We LOVED SarahBeths right down Simonton St for breakfast and I think it would be great for any meal, ask for Terry....

          1. re: jspear

            We've been to Blue Heaven a couple of times, I think twice for breakfast and once for lunch. We call it fly heaven as we spent the better part of our lunch swishing the flies off our food.
            I am not a super fussy or picky person but that just turned me off a bit.
            The food was good though.

            1. re: KathyH

              Blue Heaven is tough and it depends the time of year that you go and the fly quotient can vary. I would lose Marquesa as it is a bit overpriced. We enjoy 7Fish, but be prepared as it is very tight and be ready to get aquainted with tables in your vicinity. A great place for a late afternoon tapas and wine is Santiago's Bodega. A bit off the road more traveled, but you feel like you discovered it and no one knows about it. Though it is well known and everyone knows about it!

              207 Petronia St
              Key West, FL 33040
              (305) 296-7691

              Santiago's Bodega
              207 Petronia St, Key West, FL 33040