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Apr 18, 2009 10:22 AM

MONTERREY El Regio & bad custumers

I was on a buisness trip in Monterrey and I was shocked to view what has become of a good regional family restaurant as El Regio. We went to the one on Avenida Universidad, on the North side of town. The place was empty, my first impression was that this was due to the economy but why then Martin´s, just a few blocks away, has doubled in size? The waiters told us that El Regio used to be a good buisness, a family restaurant but that all changed about 2 years ago when strange looking people with lots of money to spend became part of the clientele. They usually arrive very late driving their big trucks with no licence plates, they order the most expensive dishes and want the mariachi to play for them. It so sad to see what criminality and impunity can do to the restaurant industry.

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  1. Weird. I worked for the original owner Mr Cantú. We remodeled (i have a construction firm) almost all of the branches except for the one you mention, it was impossible to do because of the reasons you write. Many long time customers of El Regio will tell you that the one in Gonzalitos is the best because it is more family oriented than the one in Universidad. There are other, new and better steakhouses here in town, hope you get a chance to visit them.

    1. That's really sad to know...
      Well, you can still go to the one in Gonzalitos.