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Apr 18, 2009 09:43 AM

Seafood outside of Nawlins

Anyone have a recommndation for a smallish, very traditional little seafood place outside of the New Orleans metro area...someplace only a local would know?

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  1. Vera's accross the lake in Slidell.

    1. Middendorf's in Manchac.

      1. The Crab Trap in Frenier (LaPlace).

        1. Don't know how far you're looking to go, but you can check out our map at

          with suggestions from Chowhounders that were made on this board.

          Outside of the NO metro area, Houma (about 1 hour southwest) would have the highest concentration of non-touristy excellent seafood joints, but there are several others that are closer (Middendorf's, Spahr's, etc.) and Galley Seafood in Metairie might even qualify for what you're looking for.


          1. Leeville Restaurant, Leeville, LA. Still serves Cokes in little green bottles, too.