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Apr 18, 2009 09:13 AM

Buster's Bee Cave BBQ?

Has anyone been to Buster's Bee Cave BBQ (3927 Ranch Road 620 S
Austin, TX 78738 )? I read about their Garlic Bomb, which is pork shoulder stuffed with fresh garlic and sliced. Is it worth making the trek over?

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  1. Sadly, Buster's closed a few months ago. Last I heard, they were seeking a new location. If anyone has any info, feel free to post it.

    The Garlic Bomb was good, I liked their pulled pork better.

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    1. re: nypb

      Thanks for the info. Hope they open that new location!

    2. Yelp and Urbanspoon both show this has closed. Too bad. I never heard about them before your post. But I would have loved to try a Garlic Bomb.

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      1. re: stephanieh

        Any update to this? I really miss them (especially that cole slaw).