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Apr 18, 2009 09:05 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in Playa Del Carmen - suggestions?

For our upcoming wedding, my fiance and I , along with all 40 of our wedding guests, will be staying at Hotel Le Reve (located about 10 minutes north of downtown Playa del Carmen near the Azul FIves resort). We are looking for any suggestions for a fun, rehearsal dinner in Playa. We are not that particular about the type of food (Mayan, Italian, etc.) but want everyone to have choices. Any suggestions?

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  1. I attended a rehearsal dinner at Casa del Agua on 5th ave & 4th st. in Playa. The group was about the size you will be. They did a very good job. The dining area is on the second floor, and you get better air flow. Then after you can all stroll 5th ave in the evening, which is quite a spectacle for first-timers.

    1. We were at a similar dinner on the sunroof/second floor at El Bistro at La Tortuga Hotel. Their menu is quite varied and, since the hotel recreated the restaurant, the food is really very good. It is located on Ave 10 just off the corner if Calle 14. One great thing: the prices are less than the 5th Ave places, with, in my opinon, better foor.

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        Thanks for your suggestions. We have looked into both those places and checked out their websites already. Casa del Agua caught our attention with the best website, but previous posts on this site and others indicate that maybe it's not worth the cost. We will try to contact these places to talk specifics with them (menus, costs, etc.). Thanks again - all suggestions are welcome!!!!

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          I second El Bistro. While I have only eaten breakfast there as a guest at La Tortuga, we did see them setting up for a private dinner on the sunroof one night and thought and the space seemed perfect for a rehersal dinner. The breakfast food was very solid, and while I prefer eating Mexican food while in PDC I do think they would do a lovely job with your dinner.

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            this reply might be too late. But I think el Bistro would be perfect for your rehearsal dinner. Congratulations!

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        1. I would definitely recommend La Cueva del Chango. We had a large number of guests (around 80) and we were able to rent the entire restaurant and set up a pre-planned menu with 3 options for our guests to try. The restaurant let guests mix and match the choices. I felt good about the restaurant when my former foodie roommate mentioned that a friend of his had visited and said that eating there was one of the highlights of his trip. It did not disappoint! Everyone kept talking about the rehearsal dinner - even after the wedding was over! The setting makes you feel like you are in a jungle.

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          1. I was just at a wedding rehearsal dinner at Alux Restaurant. It's the most unique and crazy space, unlike anything I have ever seen before. The whole restaurant is basically fine dining in a CAVE. I think their website is