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Apr 18, 2009 08:21 AM

Locked In Your Favorite Wine Store: One Hour, Three Wines

So I posted this question on our store's facebook page but I thought it was a fun topic so I would bring it to the "hounds".
So if you were locked in your favoite wine store for one hour, alone and could pick three bottles to open, any three bottles, but could not take them with you when your hour was up....what would be your plan of attack?

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  1. >> What would be your plan of attack?

    I would find some way of stoping them opening the door after an hour.

    1. What Steve K said.

      Actually, I would find a wine store tha sells 1990 DRC RC, La Tache and Riechbourg and make that my favorite store...

      But on a "serious" note... I would instantly grab a 1998 Billecart-Salmon Cuvee Elisabeth (te best Champagne the store stocks) and put it in an ice bucket (they have ice and water). I'd then grab a 1997 Quintarelli Alzero and pour it into a decanter,. Then the 2001 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Riserva Monfortino and pour that into a decanter, minus one glass going directly ino a glass. I would pray Ceri had some bread in her store and I would eat it along with some of the wonderful olive oils she has as I sip the Champagne. At 16 minutes in, it is time for the Conterno and I would pour one glass of Alzero out into a glass. At 40 minutes in, time for the Alzero.

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        Nice. Although having the Monfortino next to the '01 Giuseppe Mascarello Ca'Morrisio, I'm not sure which is tastier.

        I'm bringing my own cheese, and going after the 85 Krug, the 90 Chave, and the 47 Huet Molleux.

        1. Choices choices and I could change my mind every two minutes, but here's what came to mind first:

          Gotta have some bubbly so I'd grab a '96 Dom Rose as an appetizer.

          For the entree, it's a tough choice between a Bordeaux or Burgundy, but I couldn't go wrong with an '82 Mouton.

          For dessert, maybe something sweet like a sauternes or finish with a bang with a SQN syrah, hmmm....OK, I'll continue the French theme and go with a '67 D'Yquem.

          That was a fun dream.

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          1. re: vinosnob

            I think I like vinosnob's approach. I think I'd also call my wife and tell her get there as quickly as possible or, if she weren't available, call one of my wine buddies.

          2. Well, I'm going to have to pass on Champagne because the good stuff isn't kept in the cooler, and even submergin in ice water is going to waste precious minutes. So I'd probably do all reds... the oldest vintages of DRC La Tache, Borgogno Barolo, and Latour.

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            1. re: Brad Ballinger

              Brad - that thought occured to me as well but I elected to make the assumption that such was not going to be the case here. I'm picturing cold Selosse, Krug, the whole Thiese catalog...