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Apr 18, 2009 08:11 AM

Fish Tacos in Tucson?

Does anyone have a favorite place for fish tacos in Tucson? We'll be near the intersection of Grant & Kolb but will have a car. Thanks.


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  1. Sadly, I haven't gone out of my way to seek out local fish tacos, but there's a La Salsa at Grant & Swan, and another at Speedway & Wilmot if you don't mind a tasty chain. They grill their fish rather than battering and frying it.

    Also, you should try Beyond Bread at least once while you're here (Also Speedway & Wilmot, though they don't have fish tacos).

    I recommend Mariscos Chihuahua very highly, they're on Swan just south of Speedway, west side of the street. They serve seafood, limited menu, and serve tortillas with your meal so you can make your own tacos out of it. JJust go- you won't be disappointed.

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      I recently enjoyed a grilled (unlike battered and fried) fish taco at Blanco Tacos. It is located in north Tucson. A trendy place with some great margarita's and tequilas, I think it is a prototype for future growth.
      About a year ago when visiting U of A, we went to a taco spot near down(old)town, Taqueira Don Juan Porfis - primarily a college crowd - it was fun - so much so that I can't remember if they had fish tacos though - sorry.
      Having stayed at the Lodge on the Dessert on Alvernon, I have been to the Mariscos on Speedway and agree, its pretty good value without any frills.
      I'll be back in Tucson in a couple of months so would like to read of other recommendations too.

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        Thanks for pointing that out about Mariscos Chihuahua, it's not what you'd call Fine Dining (except for the food, and the service is usually spot-on but don't expect osequiousness), I keep forgetting that it's such a no-frills restaurant, and BTW they all only take cash. Small family-owned business. But they do have an ATM.

    2. I like Chuy's. Your closest would be on Wilmot/Tanque Verde (the road changes name) x Pima. I've been to that one, one at 22nd x Kolb and on the west side of the Catalina Highway. Food's been good at all locations. I usually get the Mahi tacos (grilled) but they also have grilled or fried whitefish. Their Baja sauce is good and one of their salsas, with a vinegar base, is completely addictive.

      This link is to the menu for the 22nd x Kolb location, but I think it's identical at the other locations.

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        Thanks for that link- I haven't been there in so long I didn't realize they had fish tacos. I got so grossed out by the chicken being either half raw or burned clear through the bones (seriously) that I quit going, but I have gotten and enjoyed their baja fish plate, and I always tell them I want all cabbage instead of the cabbage salad, beans and rice. The cabbage salad is really simple and good- cabbage, cilantro, and Girard's raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

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          Thanks to everyone for the ideas. One hot summer's day we tried a few of the seafood cocktails & ceviche (with micheladas, o'course!) at the Sierra Vista Mariscos Chihuahua & everything was good. I'd forgotten there was one in Tucson too, & that they had fish tacos, so that was a good heads-up. I'd assumed that Tucson fish taco places would be pretty casual but the website for Blanco Tacos + Tequila seems a bit upscale & that's fine too. Happily, we're going to be in Tucson a few times in the next 6 weeks so we'll be able to try a few places. Cheers!

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            We're off to Blanco in a few minutes for Sunday family dinner. Blanco is far from authentic, but you can get in and out without spending a fortune, the patio is wonderful on a balmy Spring or Summer evening and the food is certainly tasty!

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              Where's Blanco? I have in my mind it's at La Encantada, es verdad?

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                Their website's here


                & their Tucson address is 2905 E Skyline Drive #246.


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                  True it is. Upstairs near the east end of La Encantada, just west of Bluefish.

        2. For way funky fish tacos, you might try Montana Avenue, a Fix Restaurant Concepts place just a little west of Grant and Tanque Verde/Kolb. They do an ahi taco appetizer in fried won ton wrappers that's wonderful. With a Martini or a dry white wine it's a light dinner!

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            This just gets better & better, thanks. I didn't think Tucson *had* any places like that. Cheers!

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              The ahi tacos sound wonderful, but I'm not sure I could get in and out of Montana Avenue without the potato chips and bleu cheese dip!

              1. re: desertsun

                My guilty pleasure for dinner is the ribeye with the little blue cheese hat on.. SO good.

            2. I had some surprisingly nice fish tacos at the B-line coffee house. If you like coffee and pies and cakes ( the reasons I originally went) this is the place. I got the fish tacos just to placate my mom's ghost nagging in my ear to eat real food before dessert, but they were better than I expected.

              621 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

              1. Costa Brava/Rodriguez Fish Co. on 12th Ave. north of Ajo has excellent cabrilla tacos. It comes with a kick-ass pico de gallo.

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                  B-Line & Costa Brava look good too, thanks. We've been to Rodriguez Fish. They sometimes have 5-lb boxes of frozen wild Mexican shrimp & we can't find anything but farmed where we live. Cheers!