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Apr 18, 2009 05:43 AM

Newport, RI - Any great stops for gourmet food or dessert

I'm taking a weekend trip up to Newport, RI and unfortunately I haven't had a chance to do any research on those one of a kind stores I should stop at while I'm up there. I have the guide books, but would like insider advice. If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants, candy shops, or any other must eats, please let me know.

Also, we're driving up from NYC so if you have any recommendations of places along the way, that would be helpful too. Thanks!

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  1. Hello,

    Here are a couple this one is about 5 miles from the center of Newport its called Newport Speciality Foods in Middletown and the other is Bliss Natural foods on Broadway Newport both can be seen on Google.
    White Horde Tavern oldest one in the USA pricy
    Bouchards : excellent pricy
    Cafe Zelda Medium but good
    Mama luisa's BYOB old world italian
    Castle Hill Beautuful views very pricy my opinion lost the flavors in food.
    CLark Cooke House upstairs fine dining pricy but good.