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Apr 18, 2009 04:44 AM

Dutch PA Market Kingston NJ Pig Roast April25th

Ok don't laugh!
But the Dutch PA Market in Kingston NJ has a Pig Roast every month.

When I was there I saw that the next Pig Roast will be next Saturday April 25th!

Cool - right?!?!

In any case if you don't go for the Pig they had another gourmet delight!

Bacon Egg and Cheese Soft Pretzel!!
You can only get these until 11:30AM
Pure Genius!

Enjoy! or not

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  1. The cheesesteak pretzel is amazing! too We go to the Flemington location weekly. (sometimes more) All the food is fresh, and incredible. and the pig roast sandwiches are awesome!!!!!

    1. Alas...we moved to North Jersey and I still miss the yummy food there at the market in Kingston. Sometimes they have roasted duck or rabbit, and the pretzels there are to die for. I have been spoiled forever. Haven't been able to eat another pretzel since we moved from the area in 2001.

        1. re: gbean

          Did get to the local Rutgers Farm Market Saturday, but not here, they do have it every month..

          1. re: gbean

            I went, but like I stated earlier, I am there at least once a week. My husband and son got the pork, second son got a prezel, and I am currently in love with the veggie roll. (from the sushi place there) It was incredible as usual!