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Apr 17, 2009 09:49 PM

Best Place to Dine Solo?

I am wondering what places Chowhounders think are the best places to dine solo in Los Angeles.

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  1. In Westside, I've always had a nice time eating at Juquila alone, very mellow with booths. Also, Le Saigon is fine for solos.

    In K-Town, just about any place that serves a big bowl of soup/noodles/soon tofu, something good to wrap a book around

    1. While I agree with others here that, generally speaking, just about any restaurant is a good place to dine solo.

      That said, there are certain places where dining solo adds a certain unique flavor to the meal. For example, the counter at Apple Pan or Pie N Burger come to mind. As does the communal tables at places like Nook.

      Also, there are certain places where I would think dining solo would be counterproductive. For example, at a family-style Hong Kong seafood restaurant like Ocean Star, Elite, etc., going by yourself would defeat the purpose. If you ordered anything more than 2 items you'd be stuck with a week's worth of leftovers.

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        Yeah Ipse -- Din Tai Fung for example, is great to eat solo in that sometimes you can slip past the crowd and sit at the communal table, but I find that I can only order half of the dishes I'm craving.

      2. a table or spot at a bar at any steakhouse worth its salt is perfect for solo dining.

        1. We've split off some general tips for people dining alone to a new thread on the Not About Food board. You can find that thread here:

          Please keep replies to this thread focused on the best places to dine alone in the Los Angeles area.

          1. I agree about dining at the bar, and some bars that are great for dining solo based on the bartenders' attentiveness are: Roy's, Drago Centro and Church & State. I would also try Bottega Louie, I love their menu for a solo diner. There are a lot of small plates and side options so you don't necessarily need to share a side with someone.