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Apr 17, 2009 07:12 PM


The weather is getting warm and I just got hip to the creamy taste of Ciao Bella Gelato that I tried at Grand Central Station. Are there any great gelato spots in the Ossining Area?

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  1. if you can't find a local gelato shop, you can buy Ciao Bella by the pint at many grocery chains, including A&P, Kings, Waldbaums, Whole Foods, Shaw's, King Kullen, D'Ag, Gristedes...and some smaller specialty & gourmet food stores.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      thanks. do you think they taste the same?

      1. re: shoekittykat

        Not in my estimation. I fell in love with one of Ciao Bella's special flavors (Valronha chocolate) and when missing it once bought a pint of chocolate in my local market. I threw it out; found it inedible.
        Would advise you stick to freshly made.

    2. well, yes, on rt 133 there is a pizzeria with a gelato store next to it. Very good gelato.

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      1. re: vinouspleasure

        I second that re: 133 gelato place, across from Milwood Lumber/Hardware. Very tummy. Pizza next door not so yummy, so if you want to do pizza AND gelato, go to Isabella's in downtown Ossining on Main Street, head to gelato place.

        1. re: Nancy C

          what dont you like about the pizza Nancy? can you compare the two gelato places? Like in rank order?

          1. re: shoekittykat

            There's only one gelato place in Ossining, across from Millwood Lumber. Isabella's is my fave thin crust pizza in the area. Pizza next to the gelato place doesn't pack enough flavor for me, and the crust was lackluster.

            Favorite at the gelato place have been the fruit flavors - orange, various berries, etc.

        2. I also love Ciao Bella. It's creamy without being too over the top rich and the flavors are wonderful and much more intense than usual ice cream, premium or otherwise. I can't recommend anything in the Ossining area, but if you find yourself in Greenwich, run, don't walk, to Meli-Melo, the crepe restuarant on Greenwich Ave, whose homemade ice cream is every bit as good and intensely flavorful as Ciao Bella.

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          1. re: marcia2

            wow thanks for the info. I will try it out. have you had the store packed Ciao. Is it like the parlor version. you described what i love about it to a tee. It is fabulous!!!!!!!!

          2. Yes! See attached NYT article--it is a few years old, but the gelato is still there, homemade, and wonderful (and expensive!)

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              thanks marge. i have not been here a year yet and I am still learning my way around town. In so much as I have found a few spots I want to here about some small spots that have great summer type foods, You know what i mean. sometimes when it gets too hot I am not in the mood for heavy food. Light fare is best. any other ideas?