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Apr 17, 2009 07:05 PM

Neopolitan Pizza in Madison

Looking for the best Neopolitan style pizza in Madison. In general something that is thin, crisp cooked in wood burning oven. For anyone who has been to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, that's what i'm looking for. Thanks

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  1. although i live in suburban new york my son is a student at UW Madison and when he was little we used to vacation in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Yes we enjoyed Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix many times. In my opinion there is no better thin crust pizza anywhere. That said, the brick oven pizza at Lombardinos, 2500 University Ave in Madison is excellent and you will enjoy. Try the house pizza with proscuito and arugula. As good as it is, it is not Pizzeria Bianco. That pizza is one of a kind. It is intriguing to me with so many major american cities with large italian populations, including the one just down the train tracks from where i live, that phoenix with a relatively small italian population arguably has the best pizza place in the country.

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      >> phoenix with a relatively small italian population arguably has the best pizza place in the country.

      Arguable indeed. Claiming a place, ANY place, as the "best pizza place in the country" is a claim that many will disagree with. Just to cite one counterexample, these boards are full of posts in regional forums where many Chowhounders are longing for Chicago-style deep-dish pizza in their area. I'm sure plenty of New Yorkers feel the same way about the thin-crust pizza in their home town. Of course, different folks have different preferences, which is why Chowhound can have lengthy discussions with a multitude of opinions.

      Those looking for the most authentic Neopolitan pizza should know that there is an organization based in Naples, the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association, that certifies restaurants in the techniques and equipment used to make true Neopolitan pizza. It has 28 members in the United States, listed on the website for its Americas division at There are three members in Wisconsin, including Cafe Porta Alba in Madison ( ), whose website says that they are temporarily closed while they're seeking a new location. I haven't been there because I'd rather have pizza from any deep-dish place in Chicago than crispy thin-crust pizza, any day of the week. Again, different strokes.

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        you misunderstood what I said. where i come from the expression "pizza place" means a restaurant (place) that serves pizza as its featured dish. To use the Chicago deep dish restaurants as examples, Uno's, Due's, Gino's East, and Lou Malnatti's are all "pizza places." I was specifically praising the "pizza place" pizzeria bianco as the best in the country. I was not suggesting that the Phoenix/Scottsdale area was the the best pizza area in the country.

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          No, I understood you perfectly. I consider any location of Lou Malnati's or Giordano's as a better "pizza place" (or pizzeria) than any thin-crust "pizza place" I have ever tried, including those serving authentic neopolitan pizza, because I like their pizza better. I'm sure others have their own favorites, too. I was also noting that claiming any particular "pizza place" as the best in the country is bound to generate arguments rather than consensus, because different people prefer different kinds of pizza, as well as different places to get it.

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              One point I was making is that any extravagant claim that a particular pizza place is the best in the country is not only a matter of opinion, but one that few people will agree with. Regardless of which place such a contention is made for.

              The other point I was making is that those looking for the "most authentic" Neopolitan pizza can use the membership certification process of the organization based in Naples to locate such places, including the three in Wisconsin. (The other two are in Hudson, near Minneapolis, and Sheboygan, on Lake Michigan an hour north of Milwaukee.)