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Apr 17, 2009 07:00 PM

Wedding Reception Dinner Near Yorktown NY

This summer I will be having my wedding rehersal in Yorktown Heights. Is there anyone that can recommend a place to have my rehersal dinner. We are on a budget and we want to keep it informal but not "cheap". Any ideas?

Most people are coming in from the city. We live in Croton so we dont want to have people driving too much since the trek up to Yorktown may be long fo most.

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  1. Gaudio's in Yorktown right near the Triange Shopping Center has good red sauce Italian at very fair prices - very large portions. Also, I heard good things about The Heights Bistro - I believe where Yogi's was on Underhill.

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      Been twice to Heights Bistro, and food's pretty nice (desserts are eh...). I don't know how many they can seat, and that may be a challenge. And if you are looking for a Friday night, might not be something they can do re: close for a private party. But worth an ask.

      Maybe call Peter Pratts and see what they might be able to do. Jennifer's (German) might be a hoot, but I've not been there so don't know what it's like.

    2. I like the Piatto Grill in Yorktown in the Triangle Shopping Center. They have price fixed menus that are very reasonable. Check them out......

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        thanks! it looks like a great lead!
        Have you had any special dishes? Im kind of new to westchester . where is this triangle shopping center. What stores are there?

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          It's at the corner of 202 and 118 in the center of Yorktown where 202 makes a sharp turn. The main component of the shopping center is a big A&P. There's a Mrs. Greens, a TJ Max (I think) and a couple smaller shops. A CVS in an "annex" nearby. I think the Piatto Grill is "around the back" of the A&P near the yorktown post office.

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            Well keep in mind that if you choose the price fixed menu the portions are smaller but that works for me. I've been there twice and had the salmon and some chicken dish, sorry I can't remember which one it was, but they were both very good. They also serve family style dishes. I think you can find the restaurant the way DGresh has said but I enter the restaurant from the 118 side and go past TJ Max and before you turn the corner park in that area and walk to the back past what I think is a tax prep place and it's back there. Sorry I know that sounds confusing, your best bet is to ask someone because it is not easily visible.

        2. there really isn't that much in yorktown heights that is that good. you may want to look into little sorrento's which has a private room. it's in yorktown and there food is standard italian red sauce but good.

          there are certainly better options outside of yorktown, for example in mt. kisco, croton-on-hudson, and somers

          1. I just had a party for 16 at Bella Vita on Route 6 in Mohegan (I was on a budget too) and it was really very nice --great value. We requested family style and it was plentiful (they serve extra large portions, so individual ordering is over-ordering). All the dishes were good, some very good. The appetizer platters made a great first impression, and the pastas were authentic. Service was friendly even after 3 hours. For a summer party the outdoor tented patio might be just what you are looking for. Let the chef create a personal menu for you.

            And yes- the Heights is the former Yogi's on Underhill. Been there, food was OK, but the service lacked experience.
            Agree- Gaudio's food is really good, but I can't picture a party in that room.
            What about the new Patio Grill (?)- Former Mirragio's.
            Little Sorrento has a nice small room, but the food - eh.
            Luce in Somers is a good option- I've had a few parties there- great food and a nice private room. It's a little out of your way, but worth the trip. Outstanding service and authentic food. Negotiate. You can't go wrong there.

            1. I occasionally dine at Peter Pratt Inn. Good food and personal. The chef is often on the floor.