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Apr 17, 2009 06:58 PM

"GUSHI" Westwood village

I drive my Father and hang w/ him every Friday to the UCLA Oncology center for his weekly treatments. He was hungry and craving his favorite something w/ rice. He loves Asian(sticky) rice w/ soy sauce. Anyway, I absolutely love Korean BBQ and I have been experiencing the wonderful aroma of grilled meats coming out of this place named GUSHI just south down the street from the In N Out Burg for some time. And today was the perfect opportunity to try this place. To keep this in an episodic format, I thought it was great for what it is. Clean, fresh, grilled meats, w/ other Asian offerings. I thought it was like Soot Bul Jeeb(is that correct?)on the run. Anyway, just thought I would share. Cheers Hounds.

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  1. And they have a second location in West LA at the SE corner of Gateway (Ocean Park by any other name) and Barrington. Huge portions are the sign of the Gushi (maybe that's what you're moaning if you finish the whole thing yourself?).

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      good to know. Thanks. I had the other 1/2 for dinner last night. lol.