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Apr 17, 2009 06:54 PM

La Cevicheria -- Guatamalen gem (mid city)

I just got back from La Cevicheria (3809 W Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019 (323) 732-1253). This is my 4th visit in 2 years (I am from the bay area) and wow!!! In addition to several varieties of Ceviche, they have seafood soups, and daily seafood specials. Everything I've tried has been great -- consistently so over 2 years. They've got shrimp only, sea bass only and mixedseafood ceviches prepared 3 different ways -- Peruvian, Guatemalan and shoot can't remember the third way. I've had the Peruvian and Guatemalan. Both are great -- the fish / seafood is super fresh, great combo of lime, cilantro, chile and a dash of oregano. The Guatemalan version has Worcestershire sauce in it too. The daily seafood special today included 4 huge mussels, clams and fish in one of two sauces -- curry or Caribbean. I know that doesn't sound 'authentic Guatemalan but both were great). I'm not a dessert person, especially not tres leches and there's is really good -- not too sweet or syrupy.

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  1. Thanks so much for this posting, Milo. I just went for dinner tonight. It was every bit as delicious as you described: terrific ceviche, great fish, and amazing fish tacos, among the best I've ever had in LA.

    The place was about half empty, and I can't imagine why. Can't wait to return.

    1. I ate there a few months ago and had a delicious mixed seafood ceviche. My friend had the Peruvian fish ceviche. Both were fresh and excellent. Great little spot. Cash only.

      1. Good to know they're still going strong. I've always worried that they haven't garnered enough business, since I never hear about places on that stretch of Pico.

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          If you were to pick a ceviche to try for your first time, which would it be? Peruvian or Guatemalan? I love Peruvian style mixed ceviche. . . never had the other kind but if it is something special it may be worth trying first. . .

          1. re: SouthernFoodie08

            Go for what you know you like. You'll be coming back for sure so you can try the Guatemalan style next time!!