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Apr 17, 2009 05:13 PM

PDX- Good Bar for Big Group?

Looking for a good location for a big group. Probably somewhere around 25 people (maybe more)- a social for the parents in my son's 1st grade class. Looking for something fairly central- I'm thinking a bar that offers food. It will most likely be a Thursday night and I would love to find a place that won't be too jammed. Families are spread out all over Portland. Probably downtown, pearl or right over the bridges if we do SE, NE.

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  1. Call the Heathman Hotel to reserve the mezzanine. You will need to put down a deposit; the hotel will cater food to order.

    1. McMenamin's Kennedy School is a very large space and they also have smaller rooms that you can reserve (don't know about costs). Their food isn't great but they do okay for platters of munchies with drinks. It is also a cute idea for parents of a first grade class to have drinks at a former school. And, there's plenty of parking.

      1. Davis Street Tavern - NW 5th/Davis...they have a nice and casual. Great happy hour too.