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Apr 15, 2009 04:12 PM

Origins of Chile Verde [split from L.A. board]

Who came up with the name "Chile Verde" for "Cerdo en Salsa Verde" (Pork in Green Sauce) ??? Sounds so... Tex-Mex...

A "chile verde" is a green chile, as in jalapeno or serrano...

Don't ask for such a dish in Mexico or you'll end up with a plate of green chiles.

Look instead for "Cerdo con Verdolagas" or pork with purslane which I've always seen served in salsa verde (tomatillo salsa).

The combination is just perfect!!!

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    1. Actually Chile Verde is the official name in Chihuahua and Sonora... Cerdo en Salsa Verde, or Cerdo con Verdologas etc., becomes the norm once you are south of Durango.... but you will find pockets in places such as Jalisco, Zacatecas or Guanajuato that use the Chile Verde name.

      As I point out above... its really a different dish though... in Chihuahua the sauce consists of roasted Chilacas and really little if any tomatillo... whearas when you go south its a lot of Tomatillos and a little bit of Serranos or Jalapenos... or if you are in Veracruz there is going to be alot of Acuyo / Hoja Santa / Momo etc.,

      1. Chile Verde is also a dish from New Mexico. Its just pork/mutton/beef cooked with cumin, oregano, beer, and bay leaves, and a few cups of chopped roasted peeled NM green chiles. Paired with frybread, as it is in pueblo communities, its fantastic.