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Apr 17, 2009 03:07 PM

Saving Grace is quite simply 'amazing' Grace

Went for breakfast at Saving Grace on Dundas St. the other week. I had been trying to find this hole in the wall breakfast restaurant for some time and finally, with the help of a clever significant other, was led in the right direction.

Saving Grace is part of the tiny, chic and trendy breakfast restaurant trend going on in downtown Toronto. Located at the corner of Dundas and Trinity Bellwoods it is right across the street from a tiny, chic and trendy coffee shop. This proves quite useful for morning coffee as the lineups for this one room wonder can go from 30mins to up to two hours. And yes the customers actually wait that long... and so did we!

Once inside, there were only three of us as our fourth could not wither the wait, we were seated at a little booth and handed a menu, although we were told that the blackboard specials are the best bet. The food was AMAZING and totally worth the wait. Saving Grace has basically taken Canadian breakfast fare and added a piece of the middle east to all its meals. There were scrambled eggs with some sort of delicious chutney which was made with pomegranate and I had a breakfast taco mixture with curry - delicious. The service was great and the best part, other than the old children's toys that surrounded the restaurant, remember those old plastic dinosaurs? Was the delicious Espressado, a comblination of espresso and avocado - I promise you will melt as soon as you taste it.

A great experience, worth the wait, and who knows you may even dine with a celebrity if you're lucky - my friends had seen Michael Cera the week before!

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  1. Never heard of this place. Where exactly is it?

    1. Looks like they've been around for a few years. Would like to try sometime if I get a chance when I'm in town next month.

      1. We've been to Amazing Grace a number of times and found that their "salty" dishes to be much better than their "sweet" dishes (i.e. waffles, french toast, etc). They do have pretty decent shakes too. Coffee there, for some reason, was luke warm by the time I got it which was annoying. The place is tiny and uncomfortable to sit in and lacking any kind of charm (you really just go there for the food). I was talking to the waitress one time and apparently the chef travels a lot and gets her inspirations from it and incorporates it into her dishes. Hence the slightly "exotic" eastern flare to the menu.

        1. Place sounds great. Thanks for the review torontotopchef.

          1. I have a real sweet tooth so their French Toast is my favorite thing of all time.