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Apr 17, 2009 03:05 PM

Are there "stinky" foods you like?

I'm pretty big fan of durian, which most people would describe as smelling like day-old soiled diapers.

There's of course Taiwanese "stinky" tofu, which I love and which some people say reeks of rotting fish.

Some people say things like blue cheese and SE Asian fish sauce stink, but I've never found those food items to be all that malodorous, but then again I'm not a big cheese person.

Do you have any "stinky" foods you love?

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  1. You're a better chower than me, I watch Andrew Zimmern, on Bizzare Foods, try to eat that and he gaged. I'll stick to most pungent cheeses.

    1. Any cheese. Fish in most any fashion. Most pickled products. No natto.

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      1. re: tatamagouche

        Fish in most any fashion? Really?

        I suppose fried fish would be ok, no? Or how about a Fish-O-Filet? :-)

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Is Fish-O-Filet actually fish, or like potato starch & artificial fish flavor?

      2. Hard boiled eggs are pretty smelly! But I DO love egg salad and devilled eggs. Love most stinky cheeses. Don't like fish to smell like anything except the sea. (Not a big sardine or mackerel fan, here.) adam

        1. I love stinky foods.

          -dwenjang and cheonggukjang (smells like a pet store when done well)
          -old kimchi
          -leftover roast turkey that's been sitting in the fridge long enough to get a little funky
          -anything with lots of garlic that's at least a few days old
          -beans (the stink comes later...)

          The stinky tofu I've had has been a let down; plenty stinky, but no more flavorful than regular tofu.

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          1. re: Humbucker

            My new favorite chowquote "smells like a pet store when done well.)

            Humbucker FTW!

          2. 30+ years ago, 8 fit guys departed Westwood, MA. for North Fayston, VT, in a van with chainsaws, provisions, and beer, to first build a bridge across the river, and then a log cabin atop the mountain. In 3 days. The aromatics of the Limburger in my pack drew attention during the ride, and they hunted it down and threw it, unopened, out the window of the speeding van. I was seriously outnumbered and let it be, but I like Limburger. I enjoy lifetime use of the cabin.

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            1. re: Veggo

              I find Pont L'Eveque an even richer flavour than Limburger. Oddly enough the taste is not that strong. There is a an odd though painful pleasure in the smell. Like picking a scab.

              Do not buy it in France and then take another two days driving home. The smell adheres to the inside of the car, reminding you of your holiday for weeks afterwards.