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Apr 17, 2009 02:43 PM

Tommy's vs. Irene's, Update?

I saw this thread from about 9 months ago:

Does anyone have anything to add, or is that still the state of things? I'd like to try one or the other... Tommy's is more convenient but if Irene's is really head and shoulders above, we'll go there.


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  1. Tommy's..hands down. Much nicer people and you don't have to grease the palm of the maitre'd. Even though Irene's takes reservations, it's still not an easy system. I'd much rather go to Tommy's. more romantic, IMO.

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    1. re: LHR218

      really? i always felt Irene's was more romantic, due to its small, intimate, cozy and quirky space.

      what do you mean about greasing the maitre'd palm? ive never, ever, bribed anyone at a restaurant. i go in, put my name on the list, and if its busy wait my turn. ive waited as much as 45 mins, and as little as 5.

      1. re: kibbles

        Second kibbles on all counts and the majority view in the previously linked thread.


      2. re: LHR218

        Definitely Irene's. Make a resv. for the front room. Get the crabcake special if it's offered.

      3. Irene's hands down over Tommy's. Make an early reservation for like 6PM and you will not have a wait. Enjoy!

        1. My wife and I were there this past Feb. Made a reservation for 830 and didn't have to wait at all. Staff was very friendly and kind. Our waiter noticed that my wife was stuffed up with the effects of a cold and asked her if she'd like a cup of tea with lemon after dinner. Oh, and the food was terrific.

          1. Well, we went to Tommy's -- I don't want to say I disregarded the weight of Chowhounders' imput, but Tommy's was more convenient for various reasons, and Tom Fitzmorris gave it the nod.

            We we were very impressed. The maze of rooms was something to see, and the atmosphere -- in our room at least -- left something to be desired, but the service was solid and the food was great. We enjoyed the Oysters Tommy (w/ pancetta, cheese and roasted peppers), a couple of different veal dishes, soft-shell crab, trout almondine, and more -- all was really tasty.

            So all I can say is, Irene's must be amazing and I'll look forward to going there in the future... but thumbs up for Tommy's, too!

            1. Tommy's is best by far. Waiters are much nicer, resrvatinons are honored, food is delicious (ask for the off the menu dishes).

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              1. re: mgod700

                ...not sure id agree w/ the "by far" sentiment. ive had nothing but the most pleasant waiters at Irene's (save one guy about a year ago; he didnt last), and the food is about the same since Tommy's menu is Irene's menu. reservations are the primary difference -- irenes only takes a small number of them; this may or may not be a problem (i dont mind waiting a bit for a table, gives me a good excuse to have a martini). the space at irenes is definitely more intimate/romantic.

                pros and cons.