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Apr 17, 2009 02:25 PM

Punjab Sweets & Restaurant - Edm

Went here for lunch today, GREAT buffet at a very reasonable price. Decor isn't fancy but the food was really good. Pakoras, Curries, Paneer, Butter and Tandori Chicken and ohhh the desserts. They even have a little store at the front that sells all sorts of sweets to take away. YUM YUM is all I have to say. Looks like they have a dinner buffet too. Service was good and they were very family friendly (I had my 1.5 year old with me - she loved the pitta and sweets for sure)

Address is 9393 34th Avenue

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  1. i've been there a few times. fantastic butter chicken and samosas. i don't think everything is great though - but it depends what is on the buffet that day. i found the lamb dish a bit tough and the palak paneer a bit boring...and i missed the gulab for dessert. but for the price, it is worth it.