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Apr 17, 2009 01:20 PM

One night in Philly

We'll be in Philadelphia on a Tuesday evening, staying on 17th near Market. Where to go for an excellent dinner close to hotel? We don't mind paying a fairly high price if the food/service/ambience are worth it. Ideas for those who know DC, our usual foodie destination, our favorites are: Marcel's, Central, Bistro Bis, Cafe Atlantico.

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  1. Head to Matyson - less than two blocks - some of the best New American in Philly. It's BYOB, but there's a store to pick up a bottle at 19th and Chestnut. \

    Also, since you'll be there on Tuesday, the 5 course tasting menu that changes weekly will be an option for you. I've had it probably a dozen times, and have never been disappointed. This upcoming week's looks awesome...

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      I love Matyson but it seems the OP wants exceptional ambience. Matyson has great food and service however it is a noisy bustling place as most popular places are unless you pay major bucks. Perhaps somewhere like XIX or LaCroix would be a better fit.

    2. I am not familiar with those places in DC but here are a few other spots to consider:

      Le Bec Fin...longtime Philadelphia establishment specializing in French food, beautiful decor, exceptional service, recently added an a la carte option, very worthwhile for a high end meal Italian/steakhouse...second floor location makes this easy to walk past...I've eaten here for lunch several times (we use it for celebratory occasions),. great food service and upscale atmosphere

      The suggestion of XIX also great...beautiful room on the 19th floor of the Bellevue/Hyatt hotel...views of the city, elegant, has an excellent raw bar

      I also second LaCroix for a special splurge & excellent cuisine..I even look forward to eating banquet style business meeting food here...I recall a wonderfully tender filet mignon served with the most delicious and decadent mac'n'cheese...they also have the most lavish brunch in the city

      1. No one mentioned Tinto? Great tapas-style restaurant and nice atmosphere. The tasting menu there is always excellent or you can order a la carte. Not as much of a splurge as La Croix or the all-out La Bec Fin but definitely upscale and worth the price. On a Tuesday the basement area will likely not be loud.