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Apr 17, 2009 01:01 PM

Counting chickens...what's in store at this year's Farmers' Markets

Many of us are champing at the bit for the start of the FM season. I did a little online sleuthing, looking for new locations and other changes. Last year Lowell's was small, but with good prices and variety of produce, including Asian and Latin American. This season, there will be a vendor offering pastured beef and eggs, and several selling bread - one may possibly even be baking right at the FM! One site listed a proposed FM for Reading but judging by other info at that source, this may be out-of-date. Winchester and Bedford were new last year. Has anyone heard of any brand new FMs starting this summer?

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  1. How did you like Bedford? I went twice but couldn't afford much of the produce on our food budget. I enjoyed some delicious bratwurst from the meat guy but can't buy that every week. The bulk of the produce was from Busa Farms the times I went. Did that change over the growing season? Did you try anything from the fish lady?

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      I only went to Bedford twice and only for produce. Got some lamb sausage and grass-fed beef at the Lexington FM and am not sure if that was the same vendor as Bedford. Mostly I went to Lowell, East St. Farm in Tewksbury (that's Farmer Dave, who sells at several FMs), and Carlisle.