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Apr 17, 2009 01:00 PM

Beef Wellington needed NOW!!!

I am absolutely craving Beef Wellington!!! I've called about 20 restaurants today tryng to find a place that offers it, and have had NO LUCK. What restraunts around here serve Beef Wellington? I live about 90 minutes west of DC (in Front Royal). I'm hoping to find a restaurant somewhere near where I live...anywhere Fairfax or west of fairfax. Maybe Manassas, Centerville, etc.??? Please help!

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  1. there was a scottish place in old town that used to have it. scotland yard, 728 King St, Alexandria, VA
    Tel: (703) 683-1742 •

    i'd call, because i don't know if they're still around.

    for a quick and dirty version at home, sear some filets mignon and let cool, chop up some mushrooms, shallots, etc, cook as a duxelles, layer the mushies on top of the filets, then some decent pate. wrap in a puff pastry sheet, dock it and bake. meanwhile make a little madeira sauce. pretty darn good. not too hard at all! (madeira sauce, duxelles). (individual wellington technique)

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    1. Thanks guys. I guess I should explain...I have a recipe for Beef Wellington, however the issue is I'm pregnant and sick as a dog. Cooking anything at this point doesn't work--the site of it makes me sick. I got the craving stuck in my head after watching Hell's Kitchen...I was hoping I could find a place and send my hubby out for Beef Wellington carry out. But I can't seem to find a place that has it on the menu. I've been checking with French Restaurants...but I'm not sure if I'm even looking in the right direction. ANY hints would be GREATLY appreciated, even if you can just suggest the type of restaurants to call. Thanks!

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        did you call that place "scotland yard" in old town alexandria? you know, wegman's might have the mini-wellingtons ready to bake. i'd call them too. beef wellington is english (duke of wellington), not french (whose napoleon-led army wellington routed at waterloo). according to this, it may've been created by a swiss chef, (but most assuredly not a frenchman, imo).

        sorry you're sick!

        i guess your husband doesn't want to cook the recipe, huh? any friends who might do the work at their place, and then bring over the ready-to-eat wellington?

        1. re: alkapal

          Scotland Yard closed about 3 years ago, and was replaced by Eamonn's.

          It's a bit far from Front Royal, but Harry's Tap Room in Clarendon used to have a good Beef Wellington.

          Harrys Tap Room
          2800 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201

    2. I am not certain if Le Tire Bouchon in Fairfax City holds your answer, but I would give this restaurant a call. Small restaurant...excellent French menu selections.

      1. Geez, the last time I had Beef Wellington it was at a wedding at the Belvedere in Baltimore, catered by Truffles. It IS a pretty standard wedding entree -- maybe call the hotels and wedding venues in your area and see if they would sell you a portion? Or do a tasting? They are in the hospitality business!

        Feel better, by the way!

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          Bobby Vans in New York City has beef wellington as a special, fairly often. Call the Vans on 15th St NW, they might have it or make it for you.

        2. La Nicoise Cafe in Winchester appears to have had Beef Wellington on its Mother's Day menu, if not on its regular menu. Worth a call!

          1. L'auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls used to have this as a featured entree. Still, this is an expensive dish may not survive the travel time to Front Royal. Why don't you call L'auberge Provencial in White Post and ask them if they will make it for you specially? My guess is that
            if you explain the situation they may understand and will happily prepare it for your husband to pick up.

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            1. re: Joe H

              LeRefuge in Old Town has it on it's menu.