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Apr 17, 2009 12:42 PM

Soups in the theater district?

My brother's Mother-in-Law is coming in for lunch and a show this Sunday. We're looking for someplace near 44th Street, inexpensive (soup, salad, soft drink - not to exceed $20?), not spicy in the least. Also, she just popped a dental crown, so soft foods such as soups are requested.

Any ideas for a nice spot with good service for lunch this Sunday? Any recommendations are sincerely appreciated.

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  1. Best soup in the theater district? Only one choice--the Edison Cafe....Homemade and cheap.

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      Second the Edison Cafe recommendation. That's our pretheater destination for something light to eat. Love their barley soup , cabbage soup. Bowl is huge and cheap. Great fun sitting at the counter but there are also tables.

    2. You can try Pain Quotidien on 40th between 6th and 5th on the side of Bryant Park. They have soup specials every day and also a passable quiche and its always very good and its a relaxing atmosphere contrary to a lot of other theater district restaurants.

      1. Le Pain Quotidien is probably a bit further than you'd like to travel, but great soups, and a good MIL pleaser.