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Hot Dogs in North Pinellas

Where are your favorite spots for hot dogs in the North Pinellas area? I have family visiting up there and did not know where to send them.


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  1. Where are they and how far are they willing to travel? In Largo, there's a great place called Bruce's Chicago Grill and Dog House. I only get their Italian Beefs, but friends tell me that the hot dogs are great. The only other place I know of that sells hot dogs are beach carts and Costco!

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      They are up in Oldsmar. So that would be a longer drive for them. I was hoping for something up in Countryside, Palm Harbor, etc.

      I know of the Chicago Grill and Dog House that you are talking of. I go there occasionally myself also. I used to likd the beefs at Fat Boys in St. Pete a little bit more than Bruce's but FB bit the dust.

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        Placy's on Ft. Harrison is good, It's an outside, walk up to the window place.

        They Also have good Italian Beef's and other standard Chicago fare.

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          I haven't been since the fall, but I will second Placy's.

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        Hott Dog Heaven, used to be at Tampa RD and US19 but they have moved to NE corner of US580 and Robin Hood in Dunedin. Great food same owner.

      3. What about Hot Dog Heaven - a take out joint at the gas station - this it is Curlew and US 19?

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          They are the real deal. Same great food and owner but they have moved to the NE corner of US580 and Robin Hood in Dunedin. Same hours of operation but now a sit down or take out restaurant. You can now sit in the "left field bleachers" and watch the game and eat your dog or beef..

        2. Hott Dog Heaven, now located at US 580 and Robin Hood in Dunedin. Geat food now a sit down or take out place. Same owner.

          1. Although this request is old (and this restaurant didn't exist at the time [I don't think]). I figured I would throw it out there anyways.

            Hot Diggity Dog is on US19 in countryside just south of the mall, Fresh Market etc.

            They do a pretty good Chicago style dog. Honestly, I wouldn't drive out of my way to go there, but it is certainly "good in a pinch". The fries are hand cut and good . . . Haven't had anything else on the menu. (I am making myself hungry by looking at the menu - /and/ I just ate dinner.)


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              I see Hot Diggity Dog closed at the end of May.

            2. John,

              I know it isn't Pinellas, but have you had the dog at Datz? The thing is a monster, 11" long and a solid inch and a half thick. 100% sirloin too. Amazing.

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                No I have not. But I will say that I have never been a fan of the real thick hot dogs. But I will give it a try.


              2. I have tried quite a few hot places and the Sandbar near the Dunedin Causway has great dogs. Try it.

                Sandbar Grill
                2602 Bayshore Blvd
                Dunedin, FL 34698

                Sandbar Grill
                2602 Bayshore Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698

                1. I'm going to come out of the closet and admit it: one of my guilty pleasures is a hot dog with grilled onions and ketchup at Five Guys. There. I've said it. And I'm not ashamed!

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                      Ketchup? Seriously? On a hot dog?


                      1. re: Little T.

                        you've never tried ketchup on a hot dog? so much better than mustard, IMO. Maybe it's a NY thing...or a Polish thing...I dunno. But I grew up eating ketchup on my hot dogs.

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                          Of course. It's just a joke (sort of). Hardcore Chicagoans don't put Ketchup on their hot dogs. Neither does Dirty Harry:


                          With that said: I don't like ketchup. Only mustard.

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                            omg hahahahhaha it's been a long time since i saw that movie, totally forgot all about it. hahahahah

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                          Sometimes I like everything under the sun on a hot dog (everything that'll fit on there), and sometimes only spicy mustard. I'm an equal opportunity eater.

                      2. I just remembered that Hot Dog 66 opened a little while back - in Clearwater, by the airport.

                        I have not been buy it sounds interesting:

                        Hot Dog 66
                        "Gourmet hot dogs, big baked potatoes and salads with 66 toppings to choose from. Beer, homemade sangria, flat screen TV and a fun …"