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Apr 17, 2009 11:37 AM

Present Banquet 2

5. Treasure from the Sea-Seafood salad with shrimp, calamari and scallops on a bed of pineapple.
6. Smokey Petal-Baby clams sauteed with special speices and herbs, served with sesame rice crackers.
7. Medallions of the Seven Seas-this may have been one of the two best dishes of the night for me: diver scallops flash fried with chopped peanuts and scallions.
8. Shrimp in the Fresh Ocean-Jumbo salted prawns sauteed with salt and black pepper on a pineapple bed.

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  1. their food looks so appetizing! that is great "present"ation. ;-). thanks for the photos.

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    1. re: alkapal

      alkapal, you should have been part of this dinner. Please send me your e-mail and I will copy you on future dinners. There are a group of 12 or more of us who have been getting together for seven to eight years now. You should be part of this.

      1. re: Joe H

        shall do. i'd be honored. thanks

    2. can i get in on that next dinner. I'm dying to go to this restaurant but i want it to be with a big group.

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      1. re: CoconutMilk

        CoconutMilk, much of what Present offers is available to a single diner or a couple; several of the courses, however, will require you to give them a bit of notice so they can source the ingredients or, in the case of the duck, so literally it can cook!! Please, do not hesitate to call them (or Gene, the owner) direct and ask for any of what is listed in these posts. He is clearly proud of what his chef and his restaurant have introduced to the D. C. area. I just felt, based on an earlier lunch, that they were capable of this-and they were!!! Now, I want everyone reading this to share the same excellence!

        As for the dinners that I have arranged, in years past there have been several that I fully intend to repeat. One of these is when Roberto reopens the Lab in the old Garfinckel's building in June. I am certain that shortly after this I will post on here, with a link, for 25 or so of us to once again share what I believe to be the best Italian dining experience available in the United States.

        This is the link to one of the earlier dinners: