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Apr 17, 2009 11:03 AM

Ruan Thai with toddlers

I really want to try Ruan Thai in 2 yr olds like Thai food but I'm wondering what the restaurant is like in terms of accessibility for a family of four w/ two toddlers - is it too crowded or small to accomodate 2 high chairs at our table? If so, other suggestions in Silver Spring/Rockville area? (We usually go to Benjarong but want to try something new).

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  1. you should be ok with toddlers and high chairs
    also might want to try Nava Thai in Wheaton and Pana thai in Derwood

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    1. re: dining with doc

      thanks for the tip. i just made a reservation at nava thai!

    2. For toddlers, I feel Dusit on University is the best. The place is half empty due to the intense competition from other two "big names", but food is authentic non-americanized Thai, and all three times we were there, we saw families with kids. It's a comfortable atmosphere for kids. Ruan and Nava may be too busy for that... their dose of MSG may be adult dosed (and too much even for us) if you are thinking about sharing some with your toddler.

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        We ended up going to Nava Thai and although there were a lot of families with kids, we were pretty disappointed with the food. Our rice was burnt, just as one example. The rest of the food was fine, but nothing special. next time we'll try Dusit.