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Apr 17, 2009 10:06 AM

Quattro Leoni - what to get?

i am going to Quattro Leoni for dinner tomorrow...any suggestions of what to order? i heard the pear ravioli and grilled chicken is good! thanks!

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  1. Lucky You. Definitely order the pear ravioli. It is a unique and delicious pasta. The recipe is actually available on their website but I was unable to come close to their version. By the way, the restaurant can be a little tricky to find so check a map if you don't know the area that well. Enjoy!

    1. Ooh, good post! I already have a reservation there for next month!

        1. re: tupac17616

          Prepare yourself if you get the gran fritto. I got it because the waitress told me that was the house specialty, but I don't normally eat a lot of fried food. That entree plus the house wine put me in quite a state the next day...

          1. re: chompchomp

            Hehehe. I just looked back at my pictures. Doesn't look thaaat huge. But then again, I also had a salad (the "quattro leoni") and a pasta beforehand, and gelato afterwards, so maybe I did go home a little full. :)

            1. re: tupac17616

              Can you post the pictures? Re ChompChomp's comment: was it just a lot of food on the gran fritto or does fried food not agree with you?

              1. re: CJT

                I've never posted photos on Chowhound, so hopefully this works...

                1. re: tupac17616

                  I agree: it doesn't look all that large. Wonder why chompchomp had a problem with it.

                  1. re: CJT

                    My serving was about two to three times that size. I also (perhaps naively) did not expect a plate of battered fried food in Italy...hence my warning. If I was surprised, others may be as well.

        2. the pear ravioli was wonderful!! very unique different flavoring and the sauce was delicious. the bruschetta was unbelievable too! i also got the grilled chicken which i didnt like too much though. thanks for the suggestions!

          1. Can never understand why this restaurant gets all the plaudits it does - have been four times just to see WHY. Its ok but nothing special

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              I agree. Was just there 2 nights ago--had the pear pasta (the stuffed ravioli), and it was lukewarm. Didn't send back as I was too hungry and it was my first course. Interesting...but not all that special. Then had a veal dish that was just...veal stew. Perhaps because I am a woman dining alone, the service was a tad indifferent as well. I preferred I Raddi, also in the Oltrarno, where I ate last night. Attention to detail, good service, interesting menu (I had a Sardinian fish soup that was fabulous--muscles, calamari, octopus).